Classy Michael Moore Prays For God To KILL Sean Spicer

michael moore sean spicer

Michael Moore is one of the most tolerant liberals on the planet.  Seriously Michael Moore has to be at least 100 times more tolerant than any of you Nazi heathen Trumpers.  Michael Moore is SO tolerant, in fact, that Monday night he took to Twitter to beseech a deity he likely doesn’t believe in to murder White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer:

Can’t you just feel the tolerance and understanding dripping off of every word in that tweet?  I tell you I love the smell of liberal tolerance in the morning.

michael moore smell of tolerance
It smells like hypocrisy and 20 bean burritos…

Michael Moore’s sudden spike in blood pressure can be attributed to the totes not cool comments that Sean Spicer made about the Holocaust during a press conference yesterday.

michael moore diabetes
Copious amounts of fried foods and donuts were not involved I’m sure…

Spicer stated that Syrian president Assad was worse than Hitler because Hitler never used chemical weapons against his own people.  Spicer has since backtracked and apologized profusely for this comparison.  That hasn’t stopped tolerant liberals like Michael Moore from calling for Spicer’s head, however.  It seems that Hitler comparisons really bother liberals when a Republican isn’t involved.

You might think that Michael Moore’s followers saw the lunacy inherent in his tweet, and roundly chastised him for it.  If you believe that I would like to offer you some oceanfront property in Montana at a very reasonable price.  The sycophantic idiots following Michael Moore lapped up his tweet like it was butter that had dripped from their tubby idol’s chin.

Wait, Sean Spicer GLORIFIED Nazi death camps? I must have missed the part where Spicer said “Hitler never gassed his own people and the death camps were really just fun camps!”

Where would he go? New York? Chicago? Or is this a “you don’t have to home but you can’t stay here” situation?

Wait…what? Isn’t that exactly what Madoff was busted for?

michael moore confused
I don’t get it either, Mel…

You see? Liberals are tolerant, caring people. She doesn’t want Sean Spicer to go because he’s an evil, horrible excuse for a human being who touches himself while reading Mein Kampf by candlelight. She wants him to go because his health or something. Also because he’s an evil, horrible excuse for a human being who touches himself while reading Mein Kampf by candlelight.

Also she saw Sean Spicer kick a puppy once.

Ah yes. Yet another example of a tolerant liberal wishing death upon all those who disagree.

michael moore disagreement
Disagreement is magic. Magic is heresy. Heresy will be cleansed with fire…

Wait, was this one directed at Spicer or Moore? I can’t tell.
Luckily there was one voice of sanity crying out in the liberal wilderness:

Incidentally, Adolf Hitler never did use chemical weapons on the battlefield.  Nazi scientists experimented heavily on concentration camp prisoners, of course.  Gas chambers were also one of the more infamous methods the Nazis used to implement Hitler’s Final Solution.  The German army at the time also stockpiled copious amounts of chemical armaments.  However, they never did deploy these weapons against their enemies or their own people.  Sean Spicer was technically correct when he said Hitler never used chemical weapons against his own people.

Of course being liberal means you never have to let facts get in the way of a good narrative.  Right Michael Moore?

michael moore facts
I ATE your facts!!!

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