Melania Meltdown: What Happens Next Is Just Painful To Watch

Melania Trump started her Easter Sunday much like any other family in America did.  She woke up early and took the family to church at Bethesda-By-The-Sea Episcopal Church in Palm Beach, Florida.

Melania Trump’s Easter holiday continued with a pretty standard after-church family brunch at Mar-a-Lago.  One can imagine a classy menu filled with such high-brow delicacies as steak with ketchup, Taco Bowls, and cold McDonald’s.  The beverage?  Why, Diet Coke of course.

melania trump donald trump diet coke
Diet Coke: The official drink of bigly winners everywhere…

Melania Trump found the time between the festivities to play Easter Bunny to some needy kids at a SafeHouse.

Melania Trump even managed to get her yugely busy husband to pose with her for a nice, presidential Easter photo.  The photo featuring America’s newest POTUS and FLOTUS was tweeted out to the rest of the nation with a simple Easter greeting.

A simple message that had been tweeted and posted literally hundreds of thousands of times that day by people all across this great nation.  Surely Melania Trump’s tweet was greeted with similar well-wishes from citizens on both sides of the political spectrum.  After all, one can assume that most Americans would be content with taking at least one day off from the political strife of the day-to-day world.  No reasonable person could possibly find fault with a simple Easter message, right?  Right?

melania trump easter escalated quickly

You’ve got that right, Mr. Burgundy.  Not only did things escalate quickly, it was pretty much all downhill from there.

Yeah! Melania hasn’t done ANYTHING in her first 100 days as First Lady. Just what the hell did we elect her for anyway? Impeach Melania Trump!

You win a very sad Internet if you get the reference. Google it with safe search turned off and win a lifetime of free therapy sessions too!

Ever notice how every liberal hates Christians and Christianity, yet every liberal is an expert on Jesus and the Bible?

Wait, who’s that guy with his arms around Sasha?

Oh wait, that’s Michelle.

melania trump easter michelle obama
At least with Melania we have proof…

This just goes to show that there are no lines for the left when it comes to the Trumps.  Everything, even the most innocuous tweet, will be politicized and dissected for some hidden meaning.  Every word uttered under any circumstance by a member of the Trump family will be met with the braying hatred of the jackals of the left.  The same people calling the First Lady a whore are the same thugs tweeting about love trumping hate.

Stay classy, Internet.  Stay classy.


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