Meet the Third First Daughter Donna Trumplova

Greetings Spartans!

Cousin Brunoetta here and do I have a Tale To Tell That Will Curl Your Spears!

It turns out that all those stories about El Donaldo and the Peeing Rooshskie Hookers were true after all – the media were just twenty six years late with the revelations from Obama’s Moscow bedroom suite!

If only Robby Mook had been man enough (LOL) to have released THIS information before the second debate She Who Deserved To Win Because Vagina! would be luxuriating on the Oval Office couch right now instead of being forced to try and shakedown the rubes at Tribeca for a few more greenbacks.

Anyway, Saint Looie blogger Jim Hoft has the goods on El Presidente’s Russian-American love child Donna Trumplova:

Taking direct aim at the real-world insanity bred by the illiberal left claiming President Donald Trump colluded with Russians to win the U.S. presidency, Donna Trumplova, the primary star of the production, claims she is the third daughter of the President – born from a Russian stripper (some of this reminds me a bit of “Myra Breckenridge”, as well). Trumplova is desperate to meet her “daddy” but cannot seem to get his attention . . . So, what does she do? She creates the “Siberian Sex Circus” in an effort to get her father’s attention and raise her profile in the process.

At the heart of “Donna Trumplova & the Siberian Sex Circus” is not simply an exercise in comedy, or satire, but an exercise in freedom of expression, an exercise in art that can only be done in a country as free and beautiful as the United States of America, a country wherein a conservative, pro-Trump performance artist can put on a “Milk Is Racist” piece in front of a green screen streaming gritty, offbeat anime – the U.S.A. we know and love is still here waiting to return, but as the famous Andrew Breitbart once said, “politics is downstream from culture”, so for us to make American great again, we have to also make art great again.


And to make matters worse, the Rooskie skank gets her picture taken after a make out session with Fossten and then gets the Sparta Report spotlight treatment.

Life is so unfair…

Spartans! You can view Donna Trumplova’s first video here, but the NFSW warning may apply.

Editor’s note: Cousin Brunoetta HEARTS Fossten.

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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