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Kyle ‘Based Stickman’ Chapman and Augustus Invictus Form a Legal Defense Network

After the last Berkeley freedom of speech rally, Kyle Chapman, Augustus Invictus, and other libertarian activists decided enough was enough. The antifa are an organized militia with matching uniforms and access to a legal defense network that allows them to escape responsibility for their violent actions against individuals who have a different opinion.

Kyle Chapman et al are creating a legal defense network to protect law-abiding citizens from left wing antifa terrorists. Augustus Invictus posted on Facebook the information for how to contact him. His Facebook post reads:

“ATTENTION ALL ATTORNEYS & FRIENDS OF ATTORNEYS: I am working with Kyle Chapman (a.k.a. #BasedStickMan) to create a network of attorneys across the United States.

The point of this organization is to protect the rights of all persons engaged in protests like the one at Berkeley this weekend. The Antifa have a network of left-wing attorneys who advise them of their rights and help them to escape criminal culpability when they commit acts of violence against law-abiding citizens.

We anti-communist, pro-American patriots need to establish a like network of attorneys, not to help our people escape criminal culpability, but to help them protect their rights when they are attacked by left-wing terrorists. Several arrests were made of our people this weekend, and it shouldn’t take Clarence Darrow rising from the dead to tell us that an arrest for self-defense is an unjust arrest before we do something about it.

If you are a criminal defense or civil rights attorney and are interested in helping us form this coalition, please message me directly here on Facebook. And if you happen to know a criminal defense or civil rights attorney who might be interested in helping us, please share this post with them.”

Hopefully they will have some attorneys available for those who plan on going to Berkeley again for the Ann Coulter visit. The antifa supporters are already planning on mobilizing to cause violence:

The original tweet:

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