Did Joss Whedon Just Make Fun of Cancer Survivors?

joss whedon child cancer

Joss Whedon is one of the biggest names in Hollywood at the moment.  He’s always had a fair amount of geek cred, what with having directed cult television hits like Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly.

joss whedon dick firefly
Screw you, Fox…

Joss Whedon’s recent work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe-as well as his upcoming work on the new Batgirl movie-has elevated Joss to almost god-like status among nerds and comic fans worldwide.  Joss has been widely praised as a visionary director who has helped bring comic movies into mainstream culture.

It’s too bad Joss Whedon is kind of a dick.

Joss Whedon is a well-known Hollywood leftist who absolutely hates Donald Trump, evil RethugliKKKans, and everything that they stand for.  He’s a man who never resists an opportunity to tweak and insult prominent right-wing fascists.  Which is, I’m sure, exactly what he though he was doing when he tweeted out this little gem:

Oh my GAWD that’s freaking HYSTERICAL dude!  Man, Joss, way to stick it to Paulie Ryan, Donnie Drumpf, and whoever the hell those right-wing skanks are!  By the way, does anyone actually know who those chicks are in that pic?  I’m sure they belong to some club like “Nazi Wifey Wannabes” or “Fascist Skanks for Drumpf” or something like that.

Well…yeah, but, like…Nazi children right? So it’s okay to make fun of them.

That’s Speaker Paul Ryan meeting with a group of kids from the One Step Camp.  One Step Camp is affiliated with Children’s Oncology Services, Inc.  According to their website, One Step Camp:

…is a leader in providing empowering, supportive, educational and fun experiences for children (5-19) who have been diagnosed with cancer. We are the only local organization to offer 11 different programs throughout the year serving children and families who live in Illinois, Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest. Thanks to our 350 annual volunteers, including medical professionals, children who are in different stages of treatment have the ability to attend our One Step Programs. Over the last 38 years our organization has served more than 13,000 campers.

We exist to heal scars that no one can see such as fear, isolation, depression, lack of support and no longer fitting in. Through community, support and shared experiences with peers, we deliver happy, pain free medicine called “camp.”

In other words these kids are facing a battle that few adults could handle.  They’re facing an enemy that robs many of them of the chance to be a normal kid with a normal life.  And here comes Joss Whedon hooting and hollering at them like a deranged, poo-flinging monkey escaped from the circus.

joss whedon dick monkey
“Haha, he said poo!”

Joss Whedon has literally a ton of fans worldwide.  Thousands upon thousands of them follow him on Twitter.  What did these fans have to say about Joss Whedon’s little joke?

Ouch! Okay, so Jay there probably isn’t a huge fan. Still, that’s gotta hurt.

He’s got a point there. Joss Whedon had some rather unkind things to say about Nicole Kidman when she expressed a teensy tiny amount of support for Donald Trump.  Oh, and there was also the time he called Ivanka Trump a dog.

It’s time to re-evaluate your life when 1990s Michael Jordan is telling you to knock it off.

And the award for “Biggest Understatement of 2017” goes to…

It’s best not to think about it. Just pop in your Firefly Special Edition Blu-Ray DVD, and try not to cry as you think about Season 2.

joss whedon dick firefly 2
Be strong, little buddy. Be strong…

Especially since I had the foresight to save it for posterity:

joss whedon dick twitter
You’re welcome, Internet…

You got that right, buddy.

The tweets don’t get any better the deeper into the replies you go, either.  I scrolled through maybe a quarter of the replies and I couldn’t find anyone who thought Joss Whedon’s joke was even the least bit funny.  Apparently there are some lines you just don’t cross on Twitter.  Thankfully mocking child cancer survivors is one of those lines.

Joss, if I may make a suggestion.  The next time you feel the need to tweet something so monumentally stupid such as this I want you to take a deep breath, step back, and think to yourself, “WWCMRD?”

joss whedon dick reynolds
What Would Captain Malcolm Reynolds Do?

 Better yet, call me the next time you decide to plant your foot firmly in your mouth and swallow hard.  I’d love to have a front row seat.

joss whedon dick popcorn
I’m just here to watch Joss Whedon make an ass of himself…again…


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