Ramadan is coming.

The High Month of the Islamic calendar starts May 26.


If this year is like the last few previous years (and the is no reason to believe it won’t be) signage wishing our Muslim Brethren a “Blessed Ramadan” should start popping up on the front yards of homes, churches and synagogues all across the Twin Cities.

It’s a Show of Solidarity made by Christians and Jews of The Progressive Persuasion and takes the multi-culti COEXIST bumper sticker ethos to the next level of dhimmitude.

Oddly enough though, you didn’t see any signs adorning the local mosques or residences in Little Mogadishu  expressing best wishes for a “Happy Easter” or “Happy Passover”.


Could it be that Teaching Tolerance is an unreciprocated effort in these here parts?

Granted I didn’t extensively scour the Twin Cities to view the lawnscapes of every Islamic homestead or house of worship, but the ol’ gut-a-rooskie tells me that wudda been a Fool’s Errand in any case.

(But hey, if there is any Spartan qualified to run the Errand of a Fool it’s yours truly…)

Still, I’m gonna step out on that proverbial bended limb and hazard a guess that when it comes to the cultural/religious reciprocation of tolerant sentiment it’s the unthought thought that counts…

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Bruno Strozek
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