Is Tillerson emerging as the Big Winner in Washington?

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There have been several articles from the MSM recently talking about the downfall of Steve Bannon and his loss of power in the White House. With the usual caveat that articles written by the MSM cannot be trusted, many have claimed that one of the things Trump most disliked in his subordinates was showboating and drama and attempts to steal the spotlight from him.

So it’s no surprise that Rex Tillerson, who has been noted during his relatively short tenure as Secretary of State as being someone who specifically keeps his head down and does his job while trying to avoid the cameras as much as possible, has seen his stock rising in the Trump administration:

But over the past month, as Tillerson has taken a lead on the administration’s strategy with Syria, Russia and China, his status has shifted – and behind the scenes, he’s emerging as Trump’s favorite cabinet secretary.

The 65-year-old self-made Texas oilman has become one of Trump’s most frequent White House guests, often joining him in the residence for one-on-one dinners, or in the presidential dining room, along with Vice President Mike Pence, for lunch.

In Trump’s 83 days as president, Tillerson has had more meetings with the president than any other cabinet secretary, according to multiple White House aides and a review of public schedules. When Tillerson isn’t traveling abroad, the two men schedule a private dinner at least once a week.

I have liked Tillerson for awhile now for the reasons Trump reportedly likes him (in that he produces results and behaves in a modest way) and am gratified to see him doing well.


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