Is America’s Other Illegal Immigration Problem Being Solved?

The United States has faced two major immigration problems over the last decade. One of them is the constant influx of immigrants from Central and South America. But the other one, which doesn’t get talked about as much, is the huge inflow of illegal immigrants from Haiti:

Not only had the Obama administration begun deporting Haitians after a six-year humanitarian pause, but President Trump also had just been elected, presaging an even tougher policy.

Many of those en route, such as the hundreds staged at migrant camps in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, figured they had gone that far and had little to lose by trying to finish the journey north.

But for the tens of thousands of Haitians in Brazil, Chile and elsewhere in South America who had been planning to journey north, the news was devastating. In a matter of weeks, the northward stream of people dried up.

It is one of the biggest among a plethora of success stories from the southwestern border, where illegal immigration appears to have nearly dried up in the two months since Mr. Trump took office.

Haitian illegal immigration is not only a huge problem for the US, but also the for the Caribbean islands. The Bahamas, for example, has a population where one out of every ten people is a Hatian illegal immigrant which is about as bad our illegal immigration problem. The Dominican Republic also has major problems with Haitian illegal immigration. They are often used by unscrupulous business owners

The decline of Haitian illegals shows how much of an impact the election of Trump has had on the illegal immigration problem. It’s amazing that simply rolling up the welcome mat has done so much to solve the problem, even not taking into consideration any major deportation efforts.

I’ve written more on the problem of Haitian illegal immigration here.


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