How volatile is the North Korea crisis?

North Korea Declares War

According to Bloomberg, North Korea possesses between 10 and 25 nuclear weapons, complete with launch vehicles, not to mention one of the world’s largest chemical weapons stockpiles, all hidden throughout various caves around the country.  Even though President Trump said three weeks before the election that he would not allow North Korea to have the capability to strike the U.S., America’s ally South Korea is directly in Kim Jong-Un’s sights and within striking distance should hostilities commence.  Trump has promised that the United States would deal with North Korea if China doesn’t step in. If and/ or when war is declared against North Korea, the logistics of an attack would be extremely difficult to manage for the United States:

“Unless you were in a crisis situation where we thought the North Koreans were getting ready to attack us, a preemptive strike against the North Korean nuclear and missile program is simply not a practical option,” said Gary Samore, a former White House coordinator for weapons of mass destruction, proliferation and terrorism, who’s now at Harvard University’s Belfer Center. “This has always been the problem for the U.S. and our allies.”

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, who is meeting with allies in Asia this week, said in an interview with CNN airing Wednesday that he doesn’t see the possibility of direct talks between the U.S. and North Korea “at this time.” He also declined to comment on whether or not U.S. sabotage was behind the failure of North Korea’s latest missile test.

Among the war-game scenarios at the Pentagon’s disposal are an airstrike using precision-guided munitions, launched from submarines or stealth aircraft, against the Yongbyon nuclear reactor facility, where North Korea has produced plutonium for its bombs. That was an option weighed as far back as the Clinton administration, according to two former Pentagon chiefs.


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