How to Secure America from Murdering Muslim Barbarians


We’ve seen stories about how the gay community reacted after the Pulse nightclub bombing, which led to an uptick in support for Trump. And we’ve also heard tell that the gay voters are breaking for Marine LePen in France. We’re seeing further evidence now that there is a shift in gay support for the left when you have these kinds of people speaking out against Islam:

The United States and the West in general must protect themselves from Muslim “barbarians as vigorously as they (Muslims) protect their society, their way of living, their way of thinking,” Michael Lucas, a gay pornographic film actor and director, charged in a radio interview.

Lucas recommended strictly limiting the U.S. refugee program and other immigration to cultures and societies that “share our values.”

“We can be like a sports team,” argued Lucas. “We can choose the crème de la crème. Doctors. Engineers. Programmers from all over the world. But from the world that is sharing our values. That is my very strong belief.”

Lucas was speaking about recent reports in the international news media of gay men being jailed, murdered or tortured in the Russian republic of Chechnya. He was also referring to rampant reports of gay men being murdered by relatives in Islamic honor killings in the Middle East, Europe and at times the U.S.

For some time now, we’ve seen the end of liberal identity politics coming, as the “pie” is getting too small to give everyone an equal slice. Mass Muslim immigration to Europe and the US means that some groups, especially small liberal advocacy groups like gay voters, are going to lose out since the left has more use for Muslims, who are enormous in number, than gay voters. As these groups realize the decline of their important, I suspect they will side more and more with their former “enemies” on the right, who are perhaps not quite the “enemies” these liberal advocacy once thought.


Written by Doomberg

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