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Antifa Thugs Attack Based Stickman, Hundreds of Other Trump Supporters in Berkeley

Based Stickman (Kyle Chapman) and his merry band of Alt Knights flanked by twitter stars like Baked Alaska and Lauren Southern, descended back into the gates of hell, also known as Berkeley, California. There they met in battle with hundreds of antifa activists (leftist thugs who claim to fight against fascists by inciting violence and crushing freedom of speech).

In a speech in a well secured part of the plaza (because the antifa were dragging undefended Trump supporters into the antifa groups and beating the crap out of them), Lauren Southern stated that Trump supporters who are nationalists need to realize that “Trump is only a foot in the door.”

In order to affect real change, Lauren Southern stated that the right’s activists must begin to act like the antifa and the other leftists “We must become like them: subversive,” as she pointed to the rioting antifa activists.

Lauren Southern Speech
Lauren Southern speaks at the Berkeley protest to the Trump supporters present. Here she’s flanked by some of her “security.”


The Daily Mail had a video from the riot from a Twitter user by the name of Mr Brexit:

More fighting from the protest. The antifa were dressed in all black with masks over most of their faces to hide their identities. Likely because they knew the acts they were committing were terrorist actions.


Of course, Trump supporters still maintained the humor and the ability to snatch the memes of the left and convert to the use it against them. Here is a photo a Trump supporter snapped handing the antifa a Pepsi.

It doesn’t look like they took it very well.

For those reading who don’t know what this meme is, this is a play on the recent commercial disaster from Pepsi Co. that was accused of trying to “make light of” black lives matter and their interaction with the police. The commercial seemed to indicate that handing a Pepsi to a cop would suddenly solve all problems.

Trump Supporter Offers Antifa a Pepsi
Trump Supporter Offers Antifa rioters a Pepsi


Based Stickman Alt Knight protest Berkeley
Antifa-Trump supporters fight it out in Berkeley


antifa burn based stickman alt knight flags
Antifa burning the American Flag

Based Stickman (Kyle Chapman) Pepper Sprayed During a Speech by Antifa Thugs

Based Stickman was giving a speech and then antifa rushed the stage and pepper sprayed him in the face.

Tolerance on display by the left. He soon got back up and continued speaking with Baked Alaska (again another alt-right Twitter personality).

Earlier this last month after Based Stickman’s first clash with the antifa protesters, he was subsequently arrested and then released by the District Attorney:

They kept the option to charge him again in the future, with the recent arrest from today’s clash, the District Attorney may decide to have a change of heart.

On March 7th, there were video reports by citizen journalists and local news stations of the protests against pro-Trump supporters at gatherings across the country. The protest in Berkeley captured the internet by storm because of Berkeley’s inherent violent leftist population and its completely toothless and ineffective police force.

BasedStickMan, Alt Knight, was captured on video defending himself and others from left wing rioters assaulting them:

The police didn’t appear to be completely helpless today, but as per usual, they focused much of their arrests on the Trump supporters who got into fights with the antifa thugs. On March 7th, they largely stood and watched the two groups fight. Many Trump supporters were pepper-sprayed, attacked and assaulted during the fighting. Unfortunately, this is a common sight at right wing protests/gatherings.

Some Trump supporters, like Based Stickman (Kyle Chapman), were tired of being helpless lambs and decided to bring gear with them to protect themselves and others. In his now famous video, the antifa were dragging a Trump supporter into their horde so that they could gang beat on them, and Kyle Chapman smacked them around with a large stick to try to deter their actions.

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