Get Ready for Foldable Smartphones

I have long believed that the next step forward in portable computing devices would be making them large enough to act with more desktop-like capabilities, while retaining a small enough size to be carried around. But the number one problem is, how do you make that physical compression actually happen? Samsung seems to be taking the first major step toward this by making a foldable smartphone. From CNBC:

A Samsung engineer recently said that he expects foldable smartphone displays to be ready for mass consumption in 2019.

“Because the bezel-free display currently sells so well, we still have enough time to develop foldable display[s],” Samsung Display principal engineer Kim Tae-woong told The Korea Herald. “The technology is expected to be mature around 2019.”

A foldable display will pave the way for gadgets that can be folded into smaller sizes. Imagine a tablet that can be folded into a smartphone that can be folded into something even tinier and more pocket-friendly.

Phone-makers have experimented with this sort of “foldable” technology before, though rather unsuccessfully. Kyocera launched a phone on Sprint named the “Echo” that folded in half, but used two separate display panels instead of a truly foldable display.

Being able to make a portable device with the capabilities of a laptop would be a “desktop killer,” not to mention making it a lot more convenient to carry smartphones around. Keep an eye on the development of this technology.


Written by Doomberg

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