Did Mexico Really Threaten to Flush Talks over Illegals Remittances?

Mexico will flush talks if the US taxes remittances

First to the wall that Mexico keeps telling us they are not going to pay for, yet their companies are falling head over heels to build for us.

The foreign secretary says the plan to have them pay for it is hostile, aggravating, and not part of the bilateral discussion. The foreign secretary pledged to bring a legal battle against the United States should we decide to build any border walls:

The Mexican foreign secretary called the plan to build walls along the border a “hostile” and “deeply unfriendly” act, and an “aggravating action”. He warned that Mexico intends to conduct a fierce legal battle to stop any border walls that violate the rights of Mexicans.

Mexico Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray said building any walls when there are already 600 kilometers of barriers is not only a hostile and deeply unfriendly act, but one that “also is not going to fulfill the objectives that it raises, is not only an aggravating action, but it seems to be frankly a bad idea.”

The foreign secretary said Mexico is planning a legal fight, and it has no intention to pay for any border walls or to cooperate with the U.S. in any way on the development of border walls.

“Of course, any kind of financial cooperation or any other way in building the physical barrier between our nations and, of course, an important fundamental limit is not accepting the violation of the human rights of Mexicans in the United States.”

Videgaray charged that any border wall “is not part of a bilateral discussion and should not be, Mexicans should not be part of that discussion, we will not collaborate in any way the construction of something that hurts us, Is apparently an absolute waste of resources.”

Of course the quite obvious factor here is to simply tax remittances that the illegal aliens are sending back to Mexico. Of course the Mexican government thought of this.

The foreign secretary, acting on behalf of his government, issued a threat to break diplomatic relations with the United States if we attempt to tax remittances. It is a non negotiable issue to the Mexicans because they derive a huge source of their GDP by leeching off of the illegal aliens residing in the United States sending remittances back to Mexico.

Of course, just a reminder, Senator Mike Lee released a bill to tax remittances in March.

Mexico will pay whether they like it or not:

“Today in the world there are threats to our paradigms of international coexistence that have been in force for decades. It is undeniable that there are outbreaks of isolationist protectionism, outbursts of nationalism that try to close the world and beyond that, from political actors of very diverse origins in different latitudes, question the principle of global integration.” In the same speech, he said, “first and foremost as it should be,” the United States must recognize Mexico as a sovereign nation.

The Mexican foreign secretary threatened that any attempt to tax remittances from the U.S. would be “a break point in any dialogue on other issues.” He called the “flow of foreign exchange” “a fundamental support for many families.” “[F]or Mexico, [it] is a non-negotiable issue,” he charged.

In his address, Videgaray also vowed that Mexico would “increase significantly the attention to Mexicans abroad.” Videgaray explained that the 50 Mexican consulates have assisted and protected 45,290 this year – “more than half were in the immigration field.”


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