Devastated Democrats Quickly abandon hope and Ossoff

Democrat Jon Ossoff Georgia 6th Congressional District Candidate

How soon you are forgotten if you are a Democrat and you didn’t win an election.  Today on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Glenn Thrush remarked about the Georgia 6th District special election Tuesday night:

“My inbox this morning’s been flooded by Democrats who are sort of saying Ossoff was a terrible candidate.”

He went on to say that Ossoff was “not electric. He was more static electric. But I think, in general, that is an issue. Look, the other thing is, look how deep the bench was down there. There were a lot of people who wanted that seat. I think the larger issue that we’re dealing with here right now, is the fact that the Democrats just don’t have a lot of candidates, not just in Georgia, but around the country in general. There’s not a lot of people to kind of catch this Trump wave.”

What a bunch of quitters.  Isn’t there still a runoff in June?  I thought this was a referendum on Trump.  I thought this was going to be a ‘ripple’ and then a ‘wave.’  Right media?



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