You’ll Never Guess Who Says Build The Damn Wall

build the wall trump

Build the wall has been the rallying cry of the right ever since Donald Trump became the Republican nominee for president.  Curbing illegal immigration and building the wall is arguably the single most important issue that catapulted Donald Trump from a national joke to leader of the free world.  Throughout all the turmoil in the wake of Donald Trump’s historic election to the White House, build the wall has been the one thing that nearly all of the various conservative factions of the Republican party can agree on.

The conservative think tank the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) took to Twitter to call on all conservatives to rally behind their push to build Donald Trump’s wall.

FAIR followed up by promoting the hashtag #BuildTheWall, and conservatives around the country responded.  #BuildTheWall-as of this writing-has been trending since about 7:00 A.M. EST.

Conservatives have been doing their level best to keep the hashtag going by tweeting out their support for building the wall.

Of course the Left couldn’t let a hashtag as deplorable as #BuildTheWall get away with trending. After all Twitter’s supposed to be a safe space, not a social media hub where differing ideas of all kinds can get an equal hearing!

Get rid of #BuildTheWall because it’s promoting HATE SPEECH!

I feel the following video sums up the level of maturity of these liberals:

Other lefties attempted to “argue” against build the wall, but ended up virtually faceplanting into the dirt.

You mean Flint, Michigan, the city that’s been run by democrats for decades? The same Flint, Michigan where the DEMOCRAT mayor was sued for diverting funds meant to fix their water to her PAC to pay for her re-election? Is that the Flint, Michigan we’re talking about here?

Bag things? What sort of bag things? Handbag things? Paper bag things? Plastic bag things? What about re-usable bag things?

build the wall shopping bag
Just how green WAS Pink Floyd anyway?

A common theme among the liberals complaining about build the wall was the sheer cost of building such a wall. Amusing considering 99% of liberals never met a government spending program they didn’t like.

That’s exactly what I just said! Great minds I guess.

Good luck with that there, buddy.

build the wall yes

The implication being that Mexico, a country that can barely hold things together as it is, will be lobbing bombs at the US?

build the wall right

Hooray! I was wondering how long it would take for leftist racism to rear its ugly head!

That’s…that’s exactly what the wall is going to do…

You’re right, build the wall will do nothing to stop the flood of illegal planes flying over the border each day.

build the wall eyeroll

build the wall please

Yes, please, remember us all about may flower. The question is do YOU remember about may flower?

The fact that Build the Wall is has trended as long as it has is amazing, even when one considers that it’s a promotional hashtag. The fact that Twitter has allowed it to trend as long as it has is even more amazing. I suggest all you twits get on over there and show your support for #BuildTheWall before Twitter’s secret police comes and fixes it.


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