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Book of Trump Chapter 19

1.In the land of Syria a mist was seen, and death became of it.

2. For the mist fogged who committeth the act,  and there was much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth due to it.

3.And it troubleth Trump, the chemicals used, so he met with his staff to decideth action. For he meeteth with Jared, and seeketh the opinion of the fruit of his loins.

4. Wherefore, Trump sent forth missiles to the land of Syria, and behold, the Faction of the Kool-Aid and the Order of the Clutchers of the Pearls argueth yet again one with another.

5. And some crieth “Warmonger!” And others, “globalist!”  Yet more screameth “WTF?” For it goeth against Trumps past words.

6. And it came to pass, that they had difficulty in respect, one for another, while they argue their points.  Decorum lacketh, and it troubleth me. The People were friends, and now, they fighteth  each other and not against the Democrat. They stabbeth in front and in the back with hard words and foul language.

7. And some, their faith is dashed onto the rocks, for they believe Trump is a true creature of the swamp, and seeketh not to drain it. For he selleth out the faithful and all is lost.  

8. Yet others remain steadfast in the faith, being patient,  seeing  deeper meaning of the decisions of Trump.

 9. And yet some more careth not for the decisions of Trump, but still rideth the train.

10. And some openly reject some of those in the circle of Trump, claiming they giveth Trump bad advice, turning him into a lackey, that a Jew hovers over the mind of Trump, holding the powers of Rasputin the Russian.

11. But yet the world still turneth, and the sun riseth and setteth in its course. The stars still giveth their light. The Bunker Boy still delighteth in breasts. The Mom of a Soldier holdeth back nothing.

12.  Assertions  were issued forth  by the Stewards of Sparta. The Agnostic of Pols writeth in favor of Trump, and a Doomberg seeketh caution in his musings to the tribe.  An Orb of Pink chooseth against Trump, stirreth others up. The Jester of the Kings writeth soothing words. Bruno the Uncle remaineth dazed and confused.

13. But the people have strong feelings for their cause and budgeth not from their course.

14. And  behold! the cry of Russians everywhere stoppeth. For Trump goeth against the Russian with the strike, and it troubleth the mind of the Liberal.

15. A new Judge hath appeared on the horizon, after radiation speweth forth from a strange source.

16. And China, yea China, turneth back ships of the Fat Man of the North, refusing to take the load. And there was much fake news that China sendeth troops to the border.

17. And the leader of Magog refuseth to meet with a Henchman of Trump, but apparently, changeth his mind.

18. The AG of Trump announceth harsh words to the invaders from the South, and those who comfort them.

19. Despite all, no one knoweth the outcome of the Missiles of Trump.  The media pusheth the bile out, and no one trusteth the gov’t. Truth has been wounded and doubt riseth up.

20. For there remaineth issues to be solved, and winning to be had. The Father of the Country beareth hard times and scorn, yet he triumphed over his enemies. A General once answered “Nuts!” when surrounded by his enemies.

21 So the people remain in their places, and taketh shots at each other.

22. Until a yellow man was beaten because he wouldst not leave when asked to.  And levity returneth to the land for a season.



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