Book of Trump Chapter 17

1. The Land of Magog crieth out, for it has been slandered by the Donks and Cucks. For they claimeth that there are Rooskies in every place, which helped Trump win the prize.

2. Which claimeth they favored Trump over the Hag, which make mockery of justice and rapeth truth as a muslim rapeth a goat.

3. For it was the Hag who giveth them radiaoactivity, and receiveth Russian lucre for her part, yet media whores dismisseth it outright.

4. And it was the Tahitian who promiseth them he shall be flexible once he has cheated his way back to the presidency.

5. And Podesta the Molesta haveth ties to Russia which he discloseth to none, yet the media whores return to their vomit and ignore it.

6. But Trump, yea, Trump alone worketh with Magog to deny the Shrew her right to dictatorship.

7. Despite no truth to the allegations, they pusheth the lie to the rubes, as they art triggered by the loss of The Sure Thing. For they accepteth not that they were repudiated by the people, who they feel cannot see their righteousness is greater than theirs. They faileth to see the losses since 2010, which trendeth to Tantor.

9. No, they accepteth not their evil ways are being turned from, that they jumpeth the shark, but deny it to themselves.

10 And bringeth forth the mouth of La Raza to be their prophet to the people, rejecting again a black man.

11. And Trump claimeth that he had proof of spying against him by the Kenyan, and great was the outcry by the media harlots. And the truth did simmer in the pot while the Stygian witches breweth their poison against it.

12. For they demandeth proof, and mocketh Trump as being an agent of Magog, and seeketh to impeach him. But more and more truth boiled over, causing great angst among the Donks, who now whinny louder.

13. Great meetings were held, which seek to cover, for the grandstanding of bastards produceth nothing but lies and false promises meant to appease the low in mind.

14. And one then cometh in to view what was written. For the scribes of the past wrote down what they heareth, and it was written to destroy Trump, and to be seen only by the imps of the Tahitian.

15. And he seeketh the press, and claimeth he saw troubling things, things that had nothing to do with Magog, but likely proveth Trump was right: that he was spied upon, as well as his people.

16. And he looketh shaken and subdued, for the things he saw were mighty, and it shook his soul.

17. And he was scorned by his peers for his revelations, and screams of resignation were cast forth from the mouth of the fornicators, to dispute him and remove his revelations, for the fornicators knoweth he spoke the truth, which cannot be let out to the people.

18, While this battle rageth Trump fireth a leaker after baiting a hook.

19. And Trump yanketh mightily and setteth the hook, and it sunk deeply into the mouth of the media whores.

20. And the Donks were Farked, as one trollop sayeth to the Babe of Scarborough that they did indeed spy on Trump, that they tried to get the information out to others, to destroy Trump.

21. And it came to pass that there was a great uproar, for the Farker sayeth things that were not to be spoken, and her eyes buggeth out.

22. Schiff was called upon to stop the truth, and he lieth to the people, saying that the information should be seen by all, knowing that it could not be.

23. Yet he himself had the power to see it, but he did not, because it catcheth him in a lie.

24. Trump inviteth him to see what Nunes saw, so he could witness for himself the truth.

25. And Schiff gnashed his teeth, knowing he could not refuse the offer, and did walk forth to see.

26. For he was caught in a lie and knew it, so he sought input from his masters on what to do.

27. And the one who Farked up went forth and claimed that the Russians planted the info in her mouth, that it was all fake news, and dug her grave deeper, as the spectre of Arkancide danceth in her head.

28. And the lawyer of Flynn sendeth forth a letter, saying he knoweth many things, and sought to speak if he would not be jailed.

29. But the committee denyeth the bargain, as they do not want him to speak.

30. And Putin laugheth at the dumbassery of the democrats, and his land has become tired of the lies against them and threaten to reveal what Obama told them to keep quiet.

31. The people waiteth to see and judge for themselves what the truth is. The Fall of one house will be great, as they built it upon the sand.


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