Social Justice Warriors: A Trip Through Reality

Doctors deal in reality daily.  Our work leaves no room for “alternative viewpoints” based in feelings.

I spend a lot of time in the hospital saying, “No, that’s not how it works. This is the reality of how it works.” In other words, I am the explainer of reality in the face of misconceptions, delusions, and outright lies. It is reality I apply when trying to  help people get better, or help families understand why someone is not getting better.  It seems to me that right now society has a problem with reality in the form of our friends the SJWs, who have a grave misunderstanding of reality versus their fantasies.  Perhaps I can help.  Let us examine reality versus fantasy for them in regards to two of their favorite issues:  gender and race.

SJWs are in need of a reminder reality doesn’t care how they feel about a given issue.  If they “feel” a wall shouldn’t be in their way, the wall is not going to disappear and allow them to pass through.  Reality acts much the same way—it just is, cold and unyielding, like the wall.  It doesn’t care about their cultural marxism and their attempts to attack basic human understandings, and it most certainly doesn’t care if they are “triggered”—a ridiculous term for throwing a temper tantrum at reality.  Reality is unconcerned with their mental angst at truth, and it leaves no space for “safe spaces”.

One of the popular SJW mythologies is that the male/female dichotomy is a “social construct”.  This is utterly preposterous.  No one  chooses to be male or female, and then has their biology follow along.  Your sexual identity is determined by your genetics first, and then more practically by the way your genes are expressed—the expressed nature of your genes is called your “phenotype”.  THIS is what determines if you are male or female.  And yes, there are cases where the phenotype does NOT match the genotype—that is, there are people who have XY chromosomes (male) and are yet clearly phenotypically female, due to a genetic error which prevents them from responding to their hormonal signals in utero appropriately.  Probably the most famous example is the actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

But no one, Ms. Curtis included, would argue that she is anything but a woman.  There are also those babies born with ambiguous genitalia—not quite one or the other, again, due to a developmental defect.  And yet this is the exception that proves the rule—they are “ambiguous” because they don’t obviously fall into the dichotomy choices.  But there is no “social construct” here—a simple genetic test can tell the parents what the child’s genes are, and the child can be raised that way, with corrective surgery to fix the problem.  There is no basis for the “social construct” theory of human sexual identity—genetics determines your phenotype, and your phenotype is who and what you are, well prior to your intellect developing enough to consider alternative possibilities.

And that brings us to one of our favorite SJWs, Rachel Dolezal. Here we enter into a slightly more complex realm of racial identity reality versus “social construct” thinking.  Race, when used in the American understanding, unlike sex, is a combination of genetics plus culture.  But we are concerned with biological reality and will therefor stick to the biological definition of race as people with genetics who differ due to their predecessors origins in different parts of the world.

Rachel Dolezal is white. She is as white as your author, a Southern white male with an Scotch/Irish heritage and the pale skin to prove it.  Again it comes down to genetics which determine your phenotype.  Ms. Dolezal has none of the genetics which would indicate African heritage. Therefore, her physical features (her phenotype), despite her best efforts, are not those of a descendant of African heritage.  Her parents and their parents and so on back through time were Caucasian types, Ms. Dolezal’s current addiction to Tan in a Can notwithstanding.

So what to make of the Bruce Jenners and Rachel Dolezals of the world?  They are true believers, unlike most of the other SJWs, who your author believes know these truths somewhere deep down inside but have been conditioned and rewarded for not acknowledging them by people with cultural Marxist agendas.  What do we call it when someone believes something provably false?  We enter into the realm of psychology. Read and learn: “A fixed belief in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.”

Recognize that?  That is the definition of a delusion.  Jenner, Dolezal, and the other true believers are delusional.  No amount of changes, be it skin, or name changes, or otherwise, will make this delusion real. But a word of caution is in order: People will argue, “But Doc, how can they be delusional—they run their lives, drive, vote, pay bills, etc. without problem—how can they be mentally ill?”  The answer is very simple—a delusion can be held and maintained and even grow stronger and never interfere with daily life—there are many people in the world who have one delusion or another who can function normally otherwise.  It is a specific, not generalized, illness.

Confronting a delusion can be very difficult and disturbing for these people, and the adoption of any sexual or racial delusion into the SJW pantheon of causes and the elevation of the delusional patient to some sort of “hero” status makes it that much more difficult to treat.  But no amount of wishful thinking on the part of our SJW friends will change the facts—such as the fact that sexually confused people such as Jenner have a suicide rate 26 times the rate of the normal population.

Of course, the SJWs don’t want to hear all this.   But it bears repeating to counter the irritating irrational noise they spew, the foolishness of Hollywood, and the ignorance of the press. Of course, they retreat to calling names and accusations of bigotry.  But reality doesn’t care if you call it 6th grade playground insults like “hater” or this or that -phobic.  It just is.  And you just are you, as you were born, each day, all day, every day.  Your genes wouldn’t have it any other way.



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