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Wife of Wichita State head basketball coach Gregg Marshall ejected from NCAA tournament game – UPDATE: Drew Franklin responds

Lynn Marshall, wife of Wichita State head basketball coach Gregg Marshall, was asked by security to leave Bankers Fieldhouse during Sunday’s NCAA Tournament game between the Shockers and the Kentucky Wildcats. During the game in which Kentucky prevailed 65-62, Lynn Marshall was reported to be screaming obscenities at players, coaches, and referees.  According to the Associated Press:

A police officer was eventually called and followed Lynn Marshall up the steps. She later was taken back to the playing level on an elevator so she could attend her husband’s news conference.

NCAA spokesman David Worlock says it is standard procedure for the wife of a coach to be escorted to the press conference but it is usually done by school officials.

Lynn Marshall remained in the stands about 10 minutes after the final buzzer. She at first consoled fans and family members of the team’s players. But then she started shouting loudly about the calls made during the game. Eventually, the people around coaxed her to leave and the police officer followed.

Daily Mail

One noteworthy incident occurred during the game when Drew Franklin, reporter for Kentucky Sports Radio, posted a tweet of a short video of Lynn Marshall’s antics.

According to Franklin, he was contacted by the NCAA within minutes of his tweet and told that if he did not take it down, he would be escorted out of the game. He was told that his tweet upset Mrs. Marshall.   Apparently reporters are not permitted to post video from inside the stands, as a condition of receiving a press pass.

Drew Franklin reported:

“Someone from the NCAA came and got my name and told me I could no longer tweet about her because “it made her upset.” I guess it didn’t make anyone else upset when she told Malik Monk to get in the weight room or told Isaiah Briscoe to buy some bigger shorts or told Calipari to “shut the f-ck up” or told Roger Ayers he is garbage or any of the other classy things she yelled between F-bombs.”

“The poor security guard made multiple attempts to calm her down before calling for help and then deciding “we have to be delicate because she is the coach’s wife.”

“But I’m the bad guy for drawing attention to her. I guess I deserved the “MOTHER F-CKER!” after the game.”

Interesting reply:


Kentucky Sports Radio host Matt Jones, a well-known voice in the Bluegrass, was discussing this incident on the air his post game show and was told that the NCAA had called and told him to stop. He laughingly refused to do so.

As is always the case with stories, the coverup is usually worse than the crime. This story continues to have legs the more the NCAA tries to quiet it down.

UPDATE: Drew Franklin is getting the last laugh on twitter.


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