STANDING UP FOR THE STUPID: Even morons should be able to have an opinion and keep their job

By now probably most of Sparta knows about the moronic asshat who tweet-yapped about the widow of SEAL hero William “Ryan” Owens and who was honored by President Trump at the State of the Union speech Tuesday night.

The Tweeter ended up getting canned by his employer for what his former company termed an “offensive and inappropriate tweet” that was “inconsistent with The Company’s values.”

If you haven’t read the FOX News report on the story here’s the link.

Please take a moment to get yourself up to speed before reading on.

Under normal circumstances what’s not to like here, right?

The guy seems to be a major dick and a Clintonista too boot.

So eff him and the horse he rode in on.

I got no problem with the wanker being humiliated and shamed for being an insensitive and grossly clueless shit-for-brains.

And there is certainly a goodly amount of schadenfreude and what-goes-round-comes-round at play here as well.

But unless I am missing a piece of the story big time, dumbass here used his own private twitter account and tweeted on his own time, not The Company’s.

I’m sorry, but I don’t wanna live in a world where a moron who expresses his private opinion gets fired for having an unpopular and contrary “bad thought” regardless of it’s stupidity.

I hope he sues and I hope he wins.

Because unless Liberty Advisor Group has a “morals clause” or some other type of similar legalese mumbo-jumbo in their employment contract, they are way, way out of bounds in firing Mr. Idiot’s sorry patootski.

Let’s just play “what if” here: suppose someone works Big Box Store Red Dot and Circle and they tweet out a comment “Love that Trump and his EO on Transgender bathrooms!”.

Does Big Box, who as a corporation supports transgender bathrooms, have a right to can the Tweeter?  And if they did would you be pissed as all get out or have a laissez faire attitude?

Uh huh.

I don’t see any difference in the two scenarios so reluctantly, “I’m with Stupid” on this one.

Excoriate him, rag him, go the full nine yards of shame and public humiliation – fine by me.

But fire the guy for expressing himself “offensively” on his own time and in his own space?

Not OK.

And “offensively”, that’s kinda subjective, no?

I hope Spartans and Trumpsters are better than that.  That’s the kind crap I’d expect from SJW dingbats and not our side.

So send the poor dumb bastard to HR and have them put him in Mandatory Sensitivity Training for a month.

If not, maybe he can be transferred to an office in rural Mexico where he can form a support group for Asshole’s Who Dis SEALS with Jesse Ventura.

Seems like a win for everyone all around.





Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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