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Put the ObamaCare Beast Down

Any Republican attempt to rework ObamaCare and force it on 310-million American people will be like climbing in a tumbling drum filled with molasses and manure and hoping to emerge without a lasting stink. The GOP and especially its leaders will never be clean again. They’ll never be trusted either.

This is a brief history lesson for those in Congress with short memories.

The Affordable Care Act of 2010, known most places as ObamaCare, brought a basket of problems into the lives of everyday Americans.  It was rushed through Congress without bipartisan support. Not a single Republican amendment was allowed a vote. It became a stink bucket for the Democrats. Though it helped millions of uninsured people to get health care insurance its costs removed other millions from coverage. For the rest entangled not by their choice, ObamaCare brought shortened 30-hour work weeks, despised financial penalties, extraordinarily high deductibles, and higher premiums. 

It failed so broadly across this country that it propelled a resurgence of the entire Republican Party.

The GOP was whipped as a result of the 2006 midterm defeat and the 2008 election debacle. The party was but a small rump of what had earlier been a national force. The chattering pundits then held that the Republican Party was finished for a generation. A new and permanent coalition led by Democrat progressives would control the levers of power for a very long time.

Then came ObamaCare. 

The reaction across the country was immediate. This insurgency of the common folk against an overreaching intrusion into the very personal relationship of a patient and his doctor, the massive confiscation and redistribution of personal income according the mandates and penalties of ObamaCare, and Washington’s simple disregard for the American people’s happy and proper freedom to choose led to a new phenomena; the Tea Party.

That movement, that Tea Party, led to a restructuring of the entire political balance in the United States.

First the people got angry. Then they got organized. Then they elected conservative constitutional Republicans at the national and state levels.  The movement weeded out and lifted up.

The number one source of energy that fueled this movement and its national rallying cry was to “Repeal ObamaCare.”

Today the Republican Party is overwhelming in its power in Washington and in the states across the county.  Like Lazarus raised from the dead. In comparison to 2008, this is a political miracle and one that may not repeat again in our lives.

Herein is the lesson for Paul Ryan and his cohorts. The Lord gives and the Lord takes. So do the people of this country.

Since 2010 a promise was made and confirmed again and again. Give us Republicans the power and we’ll repeal ObamaCare.  They made this clear promise. They won on this promise. Now that they have the power they must keep this promise.

If they break their promise they only need to look to GHW Bush and his pledge “Read My Lips No New Taxes” to know what follows.

Any attempt to rework, rebuild or retune ObamaCare and force it in the lives of 310-million American people will be like climbing in a tumbling drum filled with molasses and manure and hoping to emerge without a lasting stink.  The GOP and especially its present leaders will never be clean again.


You can’t design any program that intimately touches 310-milliion people and have any hope of meeting the 310-million unique and personal combinations of interest that satisfy them.  You simply don’t have the wisdom.  Most of us feel you don’t have the authority to tell us what we like and what we need to pay for.

The stink of this failure will erase any trust, any loyalty, and any hope that the Republicans in Congress are honest brokers for a free people.  

The only answer is a free market. That’s how we meet our needs for everything else that works.

You’re supposed to be a small government big freedom party.  This new ObamaCare Lite or RyanCare is neither.

Here’s what you need to do. I offer this because apparently you didn’t put much thought into it for the past 7-years. Repeal ObamaCare using your wide majority in the House and control of
parliamentary procedures in the Senate to repeal by a simple majority there. President Trump will sign the repeal because he knows it wasn’t Washington that put him in the White House.
It was the people who’ve had enough of Washington’s meddling. He knows the value of keeping faith.

Repeal ObamaCare putting a timeline on the date ObamaCare sunsets; call it 12-months after being signed into law.

Allow the vast majority of Americans to find insurance in a competitive and fair market. They can choose direct coverage from their own pocket or through their employer’s health insurance options. They can choose none at all if that is their choice. This covers 80% of Americans and they will delighted.

They’ll also know you keep your word and you won’t be turned out of office as was GHW Bush.

Use the 12-month sunset window to establish a health insurance fallback for those who want insurance but don’t have it. That fallback is not in the form of a handout, costing taxpayers billions.

It’s an “Earn In”.

“Earn In” allows anyone who wants health insurance who has no other affordable solution to do work in the community to earn credits for his monthly premium. Simply work 3 or 4 days a
month volunteering in accordance with the person’s work abilities. This work has real value. That offsets the present costs for outside contracting now paid by the local community. Those saved contract costs would offset and, perhaps, pay entirely the cost of health insurance premium.

If you’re an unemployed truck driver, you drive a school bus for 3 or 4 days. If you’re a restaurant worker you volunteer for cafeteria work in the local school. Carpenters always have something to repair at city hall.

People “Earn In” to get credits for health insurance they couldn’t otherwise have.  This essentially pays for itself. It’s local and small with just a touch of Federal assistance. Most importantly it’s
workable, practical, and will prove politically popular.

Never again would Democrats raise the alarm that America had large numbers of hopelessly uninsured and the only moral answer was another monstrous central government program.

So there you have it.  Get the vast majority of American back into a fair market of their choosing. The market is the best and least expensive path to everything that works.  Allow the remainder to “Earn In” for anyone willing to take a few days a month to do for themselves with cooperation of the local town, county or state.

To all Republicans I say, “If you don’t want to own the stink of ObamaCare forever, you need to put the beast down now. If you believe in small government and Americans having a fair chance
to take of themselves, then do an “Earn In” not a hand out”.

Take heed Washington Republicans. Be wise and be honest or you won’t be around long. Trust the marketplace and keep your word.

I’m Kevin Wade and that’s the way I see it.

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