President Trump Blows Away Expectations With State of the Union, Supermajorities of Voters Agree With Trump

President Donald Trump blew expectations of the park last night, according to a poll from CBS/Yougov. Nearly every metric shows that he’s gained supermajority support in every core issue of his platform.

Of the viewers last night, three out of every four viewers approved of the speech (76%), with nearly 59% of them strongly approving of it. Not only did the watchers like the speech, they also viewed it as strongly positive.

Viewers also agreed with President Trump’s policy prescriptions to the problems facing America today and they strongly agreed with the President’s identified problems facing America.

The following picture illustrates how high the marks got for his speech, he was strong, forceful, presidential, knowledgeable, and unifying:


Trump Poll State of the Union

Just in case if you were still wondering, President Donald Trump has a supermajority mandate on every single one of his policies:

Every single one of these the Democrats booed, sat on their hands, jeered, and frowned over last night. They have become so out of touch with America at large that they refused to stand for a dead soldier’s widow last night. They refused to stand and clap for President Donald Trump’s plans on saving kids with deadly illnesses at birth.

It shows everyone the true, nasty, traitorous and evil face of the Democrat party. A party of fascist America haters who want to destroy the country. A party that is against the priorities and goals of the great and vast majority of American citizens. A party that celebrates lobbyists, government mandates, harming kids, citizens, and the disabled.

Thanks to President Trump last night, the lines have been drawn and the sides have never been made more clear. The Republican party as a whole might be corrupt and/or stupid, but they are not the traitorous, evil, scum of the earth, monsters that the Democrat party is… to a person.

Here is a link to the poll in its entirety:

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