WINNING: Candy Maker Haribo Building WI Plant

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Making America Gummy Again?  Making Gummies American Again?  Whatever you call it, candy-maker Haribo is coming to Wisconsin:

MADISON – Senator Van Wanggaard (R-Racine) and Representative Samantha Kerkman (R-Salem) joined Governor Scott Walker, County Executive Jim Kreuser, and Pleasant Prairie
Village President John Steinbrink to announce German Candy Manufacturer HARIBO will be opening its First North American Factory in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

“This announcement means over 400 high-paying jobs coming to our area, and shows that our strong economic environment is paying off,” said Senator Van Wanggaard (R-Racine). “I am proud to welcome HARIBO to southeastern Wisconsin, and look forward to this illustrious
company adding to our already thriving community.”

The project, which will be completed in 2020, will be HARIBO’s first North American production facility and one of the largest investments of new operations by an overseas company in Wisconsin history. When completed, the facility will be one of the largest in the confectionary industry.

“I am excited that HARIBO has chosen to invest in Kenosha County,” said Representative
Samantha Kerkman (R-Salem). “The economic growth we’ve been experiencing here and around the state has helped us realize the lowest unemployment rate since I was elected in 2000.”

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The manufacturing jobs train just keeps on chugging along.  More and more companies seem to be willing to take a chance on America once again.  We were told by our betters that jobs like the ones Haribo is bringing to Wisconsin were gone and never coming back.  It’s nice to see that those betters were dead wrong.

I love the taste of #MAGA in the morning.  It tastes like…GUMMY BEARS.

God bless America!


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