Sparta Report

Exclusive: AHCA (Ryancare/Obamacare 2.0) Only Had a Maximum of 170 Votes in the House

We have confirmation of earlier claims by Texas House Republican Louie Gohmert that the leadership was hiding a massive amount of non affiliated member NO votes for the bill. A source in Washington DC has informed Sparta Report that the House Republican leadership had a maximum of 170 votes on recent failed Obamacare 2.0 / Ryancare legislation. They needed 216 votes to pass the bill.

With almost fifty people getting ready to vote against the bill, this showcases how unpopular and hated this bill was with the base of the Republican party. The bill was a disaster and the members knew it and the public was making sure they knew it too. What should be worrisome though is the 160-170 Republicans who were planning on voting for the bill anyways.

Why President Trump feels the need to continue attacking the freedom caucus members after this bill’s demise, I don’t know. I am starting to wonder if he’s just spouting off now against the freedom caucus out of spite and showing everyone how big his e-peen is. He cannot keep doing this and expect that the Congress is going to be cowed indefinitely. Especially since he’s not getting support from a large part of his base on these near daily rants against the freedom caucus.

Trump could also be doing this more as an example to the non-affiliated members so that they will vote his way in the future. Yet, this won’t work unless he decides to take a more active process in formulating a bill and winning conservative votes, instead of adopting Paul Ryan’s​ and the GOPe insurance company written abortions. Taking the same tack he did in the last round of healthcare bill negotiations will leave us with another bill doomed for failure and a even greater fracturing of the base of the Republican party.

The president cannot turn to House Democrats to help him out with future bills unless he plans on losing massive numbers of his own party (which just leaves him where he’s at now). There is also the problem with the Democrat moonbat base. They will not allow their House Members to vote for a traitor and the devil incarnate’s bills and will violently ensure that this is followed.

President Trump has a lot of work to do on the healthcare front. He cannot accept another Paul Ryan led operation, he cannot delegate this to a random flunky and hope for a quick fix to magically appear. The content of these bills matter and temporary fixes through the Health and Human services agency until the next Democrat administration are not going to cut it with conservatives.

But one thing is for sure, in my humble opinion, I doubt we will have to worry much about a Trump-Democrat compromise bill… since they are busy trying to restart their self immolation over Trump-Russia.