Colin Kaepernick being “black listed”? What’s next…..Discrimination?

Colin Kaepernick, former quarterback of the 49’ers and now free agent, is finding out how the real world works. Lesser quarterbacks are either being re-signed, or finding new teams. Kaepernick is not receiving any attention or notice.

David Steele, a black writer for Sporting News, is lamenting the treatment of Kaepernick. He writes in an article titled “Is Colin Kaepernick being blackballed by NFL Teams? Prove he’s not.”

It seemed a little early to condemn NFL teams for freezing out Colin Kaepernick. Barely a week had gone by in free agency. With one exception — albeit a grotesque, borderline-obscene one — not many quarterbacks had been coming off of the market. Bleacher Report’s Friday story on how front-office types still want nothing to do with him for his protests during the national anthem shined another light on it.

Still, it’s a long offseason. It only takes one team rowing against the tide. And, again, even the Jay Cutlers were still looking for work, never mind a part-time starter fighting against a scarlet letter.

Then, this week, Nick Foles signed with the Eagles.

EJ Manuel signed with the Raiders.

Geno Smith signed with the Giants, soon after Josh Johnson, last year’s backup, re-signed.

Josh McCown set up a visit with the Jets.

And, of course, this all was after Mike Glennon signed with the Bears for $18.5 million guaranteed.

Come on. Stop it. Do not ever say Colin Kaepernick can’t get a job because he’s not good enough.

Think of a better excuse. Think of a better lie. Hey, even try telling the truth — this time, on the record.

But don’t feed everybody the “It’s because Kaepernick is a trash quarterback” line. Everybody’s full, thank you.

David Steele has been an apologist for Kaepernick. In a previous article, Steele finds every reason to blame the 49’ers for Kaepernick’s problems and not Kaepernick’s own bad attitude. Soon, Steele will be claiming “discrimination” or else the “Alt Right” for Kaepernick’s problems. Heck, give him enough time and maybe Steele can place the blame on President Trump. Maybe an Executive Order caused it!

Mr. Steele, quit trying to blame Kaepernick’s problems on everyone and everything but himself. Kaepernick caused all of his problems, no one else.

The NFL is a business, not an SJW social club. The goal of any NFL team is to make money, and you make money by filling the stands each game, not playing to a bunch of SJW “feel gooders” who will not buy tickets to the games.

Colin Kaepernick with his kneeling during the National Anthem, protesting treatment of blacks and supporting Black Lives Mattter, chose to throw into the faces of the fans across the NFL an absolute disrespect for their views, for police across the country, and for the military that serves to keep the country safe. This was his “personal choice” and he should accept the consequences of his actions. He should not demand forgiveness from the fans for his actions.

Kaepernick has made no apology for his actions. Instead, to make amends, he simply said that he would no longer take a knee during the Anthem. The only reason for this stance was so that he could find another team to play for. And  it has not worked, apparently, since no offers have occurred.

Mr. Steele, since you are a Sports Writer, I presume you have looked at various NFL contracts. the contracts all have “Moral Clauses” in them. (Please don’t confuse these with “The Santa Clauses”.) The clauses generally read…..

Section 11 of the NFL standard player contract, for instance, provides that “if Player has engaged in personal conduct reasonably judged by Club to adversely affect or reflect on Club, then Club may terminate this contract.

In the case of Kaepernick, his actions, including taking a knee during the National Anthem served to violate the Morals Clause. It definitely reflected adversely on the Niners, and on the NFL in general. The Niners would have been well within their rights to terminate “ColonRectum” if they had done so. And there would have been no recourse for ColonRectum.

Once ColonRectum became a free agent, he had no “right” to be offered a contract by any team, whether he had taken the knee or not. There is no guaranteed right to play in the NFL.

The teams have NOT said why no one is offering him a position. And they do not have to do so.

Mr. Steele, you are trying to create issues where none exist. Give it a rest.

Written by PatrickPu

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