BREAKING: No charges at this time for the Alt Knight, Based Stickman Kyle Chapman

The DA may prefer charges later, but at this time the American Hero, alt knight, basedstickman (Kyle Chapman) is free and will not be charged at this time.

Something tells me that their attempt to make an example out of him not playing well with the general public is weighing heavily in their decision making process, which also makes this a political issue. What a shame.
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The website supporting his legal defense fund has raised over 80,000 dollars from the alt knight’s supporters. This is to ensure that based stickman Kyle Chapman doesn’t have to fight the city of Berkeley on his own for defending himself against the anti fascist thugs.

Based Stickman, Kyle Chapman was out again in Berkeley on Saturday, April 15th for a rally against the antifa thugs.

During the rally, Kyle Chapman was arrested again by the Berkely Police Department. They have not released the list of charges against him this time, but right before the arrest, Based Stickman was surrounded by 5-6 antifa.

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