The Book of Trump Chapter 16

1.And behold, there was a calmness in the land and the
people went about their business without much ado, despite the intransigence and
the stalling by the democrats .

2. And the gloating continueth despite the cuckery of  the rinos while the jackass brayeth.

3. And then trouble filleth the land, as the Chief Cuck Ryan
bringeth forth in the House a bill that supposeth to repeal the burdens of the
Kenyan put on the people by the Praetorian Guard.

4. And the bill quickly divided the people of Trump. For
some believeth it was a poor bill and did nothing to replace as Trump and the
Congress promiseth and they speedily let their feelings be known to all, even
to scorn Trump and believeth he selleth out his people.

5. That they desireth that the bill not be voted on at all,
but to bury it deep within the dungpile, and then pisseth on it to be sure, and
thanketh the Caucus that claimeth the title of freedom.
  For they believe that the path to repeal was
through another way and not with the votes of 60 oppressors.

6. Yet there were others who believed the congress should
vote on it, believing that the bill was not final, and pusheth to the Senate,
where certain overlords promised to kill it and bury it in the dungpile, that
the overlords shouldest vote, getting on record, that the caucus which claimeth
freedom was hindering a path, being hypocrites as they voted twice for the
Chief Cuck, and all that he wanted.

7. And there began to be harsh words between the two groups,
for each believeth their paths were right.

8. And the name of Trump was both defended and defiled by
the groups which dependeth on their viewpoint, and accusations that clutcheth
the pearls were thrust forth. The people did contend with each other through
strong words, and there was no middle ground.

9. While the people of Trump bitcheth at one another, the
Democrat jackassery pitched loudly, for they laugheth at the people and the
dissension that had erupted. They laugheth that the path to repeal had stalled,
and laugheth because they knew the republicans would not agree.

10. And Trump pusheth for the bill to pass, which angered
those against it even more, and the pushback was severe and relenteth not. For
they felt cheated that Trump was going against his word, and succumbing to the
Swamp, being just another creature of it.

11. And a time was set forth to vote on it, and the two
factions argued back-and-forth, giving little and taking little, and a final
push was made to gain the votes.

12. But the vote was killed off, as not enough of the
Praetorian Guard would vote for it, which pleaseth those who were against it,
and they mocked Trump some more, demanding another path be taken.

13. But this was not the end, for Trump giveth harsh words
to the Praetorians who were against it, and it continued for days. And great
was the bitterness towards him.

14. The weekend passeth along, as a stone passeth through a
kidney, and the temperament dieth but little, as the passion was great with
this cause, and it divideth the people still for there was no common ground.

15. Then a break was cast forth over the bitterness  when one claimeth to stop funds for those
cities that are sanctuaries for criminal aliens, who stealeth the wealth of the
country, and killeth its citizens, who mock the people of the land.

16. And Trump signeth four bills that take back those issued
by the Kenyan, who hideth in a far away land

17. For a Nunes had brought forth strong words against him
and his ilk for their work in spying on Trump, and he readeth words that
troubleth him, causing him to meet with Trump.

18.And immediately, the jackasses brayed “Russians!”
accusing him of being a token of Putin and Trump, trying to discredit him and
the media piled on.

19 But he stayed the path and claimeth more information
would come forth in due time, and the democrat pisseth down their legs for
their schemes could be revealed.

20. And Spicer telleth the vile press they should be looking
at Podesta and his ties to Russia, And Trump telleth them to look into the
connections of the Clintons, who selleth Uranium to Russia  and collect fees
for the Spouse of the Untamed Shrew.

21. But the tensions remaineth in the land, and shall remain
so. When it shall end, not one knoweth.


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