Book of Trump, Chapter 15 (Evening Thread)

betrayal book of trump

1.And there was a great upheaval in the land, as the Tapper of Wires was thrust into the light, for revelation came forth that indicateth  The Lover of the Squatch  had illegally listened in on Trump, and passeth rules that alloweth the NSA to spread forth manure against Trump.

2. Yet more and more evidence was brought out, and the fear of the Russian dissipated, and the Liberal was on the Defensive. The Compost of New York was caught in a lie who claimeth once that Trump was tapped and now denieth their own words to fit their agenda.

3. For the media didst not know what to do, for to take one side meaneth they lied about Russia. To take the other meaneth they admit to the illegal wiretapping of Trump, that their liberal savior was seditious.

4. And suddenly like clap of thunder, there was trouble in the land once more.  For one Cuck seated with power threw forth a plan wrung out in darkness and secrecy and into the light, to the astonishment of all.

5. And this work did not cast aside the Obamination, nor ceaseth it in its tracks despite an old promise by the Cucks to dash it to pieces. For Seven years they crieth out to repeal, yet they doeth nothing but speak to be seen of men.

6. Great was the murmuring against the cucketry  till it runneth over and spewed all over the land. The people findeth many things  inside the Cuckbomination that angered them and didst not hold back their ire one whit. And no one was safe from their words.

7. The Great Anger was delivered upon the Cuck who presented the proclamation as well as those rats who cheweth on it, to give to another to feed on. But behold, it was delivered also against the Trump for he speaketh good words of the plan presented, despite his promises of old to repeal and replace.

8. It rendereth the people despondent, and loseth faith in the one who achieved victory when there was no path to trod on. It rendereth the people with anger against Trump, despite only in the second month of his Ascendency and a Congress who sloweth Trumps agenda, withholding his nominations , which Trump runneth short-handed in key positions.

9. A diminutive Cleaner of Teeth who meeteth with Trump then spoke against it, which causeth more doubt to the plan, and a caucus affiliated loosely with freedom voweth to defeat it. And the din riseth up to the Heavens while the Democrat laugheth.

10. For the Democrat seeketh to divide the people against Trump, and use divers ways which achieveth their goal; to tear the people away from Trump, to lead their hearts away and discourage them, and contend with the People of Trump.

11. While this deliberation and arguing raged forth within the People of Trump, many things came to pass that the People were distracted from.

12. The first of these, the proletariat press whineth aloud because they were denied to travel with the Rex overseas, their sense of entitlement shattered upon the rock.

13. Then cometh a Report of the Jobs, which was exceedingly powerful, which brought forth increases not seen in two decades. For it causeth the proletariat great pangs of fear and rendered them helpless and mute.

14. Another spear was cast  forth into the Liberal when one  skank was skewerd for voting fraud on 14 counts to cheat the People of a lawful election, which the lieful Libs doth deny to their core.

15. Then the Man of Commerce  droppeth a bomb, causing China to pay over a billion for their acts in helping the Land of the Mullahs and The Land of the Fat Leader break this Nations enbargoes against them. And the Land of China payeth the fine submitting to Trump.

16. And the Attorney General of Trump demandeth the lower attorneys to resign their posts, for their appointments smelleth like dung in the field.  And once dared defy , and he was smote down for his recalcitrance.

17. This Attorney General was not finished, for he droppeth a clue that he appointeth another to investigate the putridity of the Department of Justice, for it was filled with whores and charlatans, who maketh their gain against the People .

18. And Trump signeth another Order, to stem the tide of the Moslem into the land, and the Liberal crieth “Hitler” again, and take their stand with the Moslem terrorist instead of the People of the Land. For they are put in a corner by Trump, to support the filthy pedophile and rapists.

19. And one in the land of the Trapps seeketh the mayorship , blaspheming against the People of Syrup to bring the Syrian into their small city. And he was rebuked by the Democrat .

20. The Brother of the Lover of the Squatch , who weareth the Red Hat of Trump, delivered a document that caused angst among the Liberal. For it portrayed the Kenyan as having been birthed in Kenya, The truth of it to be revealed  in due time.

21. And Trump moveth the Cucks to do, not just talk, and encourageth them to move forward, despite the countenance of lies on their face, to do what the People expect them to do. For they are slow to hear the cries of the people and their plans have been put forth for all to see and judge. The Plan of the Cuck was torn asunder by the people instead of  being allowed to hide  it in the dark, like the Democrats of old, who voteth to see what was in it.

22. For the ways of the Congress are tedious and filled with lies and deceptions, and the path to take not always clear. There shall be grandstanding of biblical proportions, those of the swamp attempting to deceive as they heretofore have always done, but the people wiseth up to their ways and raiseth
the pitchfork and rifle.

23. But the diamond does not come forth shining from the dirt from whence it came, for it shineth after the  watchful eye of the Master, who cutteth away the impurities, shapeth it to catch the light.  Only after the careful work does the magnificence of the diamond come forth, yet there  remaineth impurities inside.

24. The first Fifty Days of Trump passeth quickly, yea,  and there were groans and shouts of joy in that time.  Yet Trump remaineth despite the roads of thorns thrust in his path,yet he still smileth and determined to Make America Great Again, being a complicated business.

25. And the path is not yet clear, as there are rumors of Russians, and recalcitrant Rinos on the wing and the battles that lie ahead testeth the souls of the warriors.





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