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Alt Knight, BasedStickMan Arrested For Defending Himself After Berkeley Leftist Rioters Attack Him

Over the weekend, there were dozens of demonstrations across the country to showcase support for President Donald Trump and his agenda. An incident between a Trump supporter and a Anti-Fascist riot got a man coined the name BasedStickMan, the Alt Knight, by the internet. He has become an overnight sensation as a result of his actions in Berkeley defending himself and others. But first, some background information:

Arrests were made in some spots across the U.S. as hundreds of people railed in support President Trump Saturday.

Demonstrators from Colorado’s state capitol to Trump Tower in New York and the Washington Monument were seen carrying life-size cardboard cutouts of Trump as well as waving “Deplorables for Trump” signs.

However, not every rally went off without a hitch.

Police in Berkeley, Calif. said 10 people were arrested after Trump supporters and counter-protesters clashed during a rally that turned violent and left seven injured. None of the injured was hospitalized.

Meanwhile, six people protesting the rally in St. Paul, Minn. were arrested on felony riot charges after they lit fireworks inside the Minnesota State Capitol and fled, police said. About 400 people attended the event, and about 50 people showed up to protest it.

In Nashville, two people were arrested as protesters clashed with Trump supporters at the Tennessee Capitol. In Olympia, Wash., state police said four demonstrators were arrested at a support of Trump rally, KOMO-TV reported. The station reported that the demonstrators are accused of assaulting a police officer.

Near Mar-a-Lago, the Palm Beach Post reported that people on both sides exchanged profanity. Trump’s motorcade briefly stopped so he could wave at supporters.

In Ohio, Trump supporter Margaret Howe, 57, of Pataskala, said she increasingly fears civil war.

“We did not want to have something like this happen,” she said, adding, “We came out today because Trump deserves to see he still has people for him. It’s just all sad.”

A group of counter protesters gathered nearby, separated from the rally by police tape. They chanted “No Trump. No KKK. No fascist USA” and held signs with messages like “Your vote was a hate crime.”

In other parts of the country, rallies were relatively peaceful.

The left obviously could not let this stand, and in cities like Berkeley, California there were dozens of protester/rioter thugs who started attacking Trump supporters. In other cities they were exchanging profanities and the like.

(Don’t be worried everyone, extreme civil disobedience is okay now according to Loretta Lynch. But her bloodthirst was undoubtedly not satiated on Saturday since no one died.)

What Did Alt Knight, BasedStickMan do?

There were video reports by citizen journalists and local news stations of the events, and as previously stated, one particular incident in Berkeley has captured the internet by storm. BasedStickMan, Alt Knight, was captured on video defending himself and others from left wing rioters assaulting them:

The police have done nothing. They stood on the sidelines and watched Trump supporters getting pepper-sprayed, attacked and assaulted by the left wing thugs. Some Trump supporters have had it and decided to bring essentially anti-riot gear with them to rallies.

BasedStickMan, Alt Knight, made a uniform that those on Twitter are saying is the new uniform for every Trump supporter:

They were dragging and beating a Trump supporter into the rioter horde and the Alt Knight was trying to stop them.

BasedStickMan, Alt Knight, Conscripted into the Memewar

This has resulted in dozens and dozens of memes:

BasedStickMan, Alt Knight is Arrested For Defending Himself and Others

BasedStickMan, Alt Knight, was arrested by the police, who suddenly discovered that they need to stop rioting when Trump supporters start defending themselves and their friends. The police officers couldn’t be bothered when the Anti-Fascist thugs were pepper spraying and assaulting Trump supporters earlier.

This is how you get the Ammon Bundy’s of the world popping up everywhere and a populace that starts to agree with them.  People are going to simply stop caring about the law and eventually turn on the law enforcers themselves.

Is this okay Berkeley Police?

How Can You Help?

Thanks to a reader, we have a link to their PayPal to raise funds, GoFundMe shut down their other attempt to defend themselves:

Back in February, the mainstream media, “the Young Turks” and others all desperately tried to change the narrative that these counter protests were being done by Trump supporters to incite the public against the left:

Zerohedge discovered that many of these people rioting and beating up Trump supporters were UC Berkeley employees themselves.

UPDATE (Fossten): It’s possible that the paypal account listed is not legitimate.  I would suggest using Cernovich’s link for now, and use caution as always:


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