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Days ago, after we unearthed the ties that the Reagan Battalion had to Democrat agitator Nathan Lerner and the Stop Trump PAC and ultimately exposed links that led to George Soros himself, Emily Singer of Mic wrote an “exclusive” article breathlessly reporting on the “conservative” group. She essentially wrote a puff piece that was slanted so heavily in their favor that she might as well be replace their existing spokesperson with herself.

But the Reagan Battalion kept its identity under wraps.

Speculation was rife as to who was behind the blog, Facebook page and Twitter account. Yiannopoulos said the group was run by a contingent of “Never Trump” Republican consultants who, during the 2016 campaign, supported Evan McMullin, an independent candidate who ran as the conservative alternative to now-President Donald Trump.

Reagan Battalion, though, says it has no ties to McMullin — nor to any of a number of other prominent #NeverTrump Republicans and pundits who have railed against Trump.

In an exclusive interview with Mic following Yiannopoulos’ canceled book deal, CPAC speech and Breitbart resignation, the group’s co-founder sought to set the record straight about who the Battalion is — and to make clear their objectives in the American political scene.

According to Emily Singer’s summary of her interview, the guys behind the Reagan Battalion are a group of four people who are spread across multiple states in the United States and “involved in political activism.”

The man wouldn’t give his name or occupation citing fear of threats against his family (or because he’s a democrat with ties to Democrat PACs and George Soros, but let’s pretend that they don’t have several links to them plastered all over their website).

Emily Singer though was eager to take to Twitter in her BREAKING-OMG-EXCLUSIVE-LOLZ tweets:

What Conservative Values Do The Reagan Battalion Want to Uphold?

The co-founder said the group launched during the 2016 GOP presidential primary, initially with the Twitter handle @ConAgainstTrump before quickly changing its name to @StopTrumpPAC — hoping that a more conservative candidate such as Sens. Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz would defeat Trump.

“Our goal was from the beginning was to give a voice to original conservatism,” the co-founder said. “This is why we took a stand. We were planning to build this up, build this movement up to finally be a source of information for original conservatives.”

Emily Singer just lapped it up. The founder wanted to take a stand for original conservatism you see:

StopTrumpPAC as I stated in my last article, proudly embraced anti-white racism. They embraced the CUCK label when so many others in the conservative chattering class were denouncing the label as “anti-conservative,” “horrible thinking,” etc.

Their shilling for McMullin, contrary to what they have been saying is the truth, is another very large turd in the punchbowl of this group’s supposed “conservative values.”

Once the primary wrapped, and Trump came out victorious, the group changed its name to the Reagan Battalion, because stopping Trump was no longer the group’s primary focus.
“At that time, our mission was not to stop Trump, we were opposed to Hillary,” the group’s co-founder said.

It was then that the group decided to back McMullin, hoping that he would push Trump to uphold conservative values.

Again, McMullin was the lie told by those who wanted Hillary Clinton to win the Presidency but wanted to remain part of the conservative intelligentsia social circles.

Why Milo?

The Battalion’s goal to “keep the conservative movement sane” proved harder than they initially expected. With Trump’s victory behind them, the group decided that the conservative movement had gone off the rails in its efforts to defend Trump. Part of that was to maintain a feud with the “mainstream media” — and that’s where Yiannopoulos fit in.

The Battalion co-founder said conservatives were sticking up for Yiannopoulos, hailing him as a “conservative hero” because of the internet provocateur’s attacks on the media. The group found that attitude to be “destructive to the conservative movement.”

CPAC’s invitation for Yiannopoulos to give a speech was a bridge too far. Yiannopoulos did not represent “big tent conservatism,” they decided. The Battalion had had enough.

Reading between the lines: The Democrats called in the hit.

“Let me stress this, Reagan Battalion as a group has no issue with Milo publishing a book, being on Twitter, being on Facebook or being the keynote speaker at a free speech event,” said Yossi Gestetner, who is handling public relations for the Battalion since the Yiannopoulos blow-up, in a statement to Mic. “Free speech is the bedrock of a democracy, but Milo does not fit into being the keynote speaker at a conservative event. He does not represent conservatism.”

Supporting McMullin to support Democrats, hating white kids, supporting the cucking of conservatives, linking to George Soros and Democrat campaign sites, etc. are great examples of those who represent conservatism.

Neither #NeverTrumpers nor George Soros

Since flagging the Yiannopoulos tape, a number of outlets wrote exposés trying to tie the Reagan Battalion to McMullin, the #NeverTrump operatives who backed McMullin and even a Democratic group that once went by the name Stop Trump PAC.

The Daily Dot did some internet sleuthing and linked the Battalion to a Democratic operative named Nathan Lerner, who registered a Stop Trump PAC with the Federal Election Commission.

The Reagan Battalion, though, never registered its would-be PAC with the FEC. The Dot had followed the wrong PAC’s filing because the @ReaganBattalion Twitter handle used to be @StopTrumpPAC.

An FEC filing for Stop Trump PAC lists Nathan Lerner as its treasurer. However, the name of the Reagan Battalion’s PAC was Stop Donald Trump PAC — including the now-president’s first name. Adding to the confusion was that the Battalion, not only in their Twitter handle but also on their site, used Stop Trump PAC and Stop Donald Trump PAC interchangeably.

Lerner, the treasurer listed on the FEC filings for the Stop Trump PAC — which, again, is not associated with the Reagan Battalion — said in an interview that he was in no way affiliated with the conservative blog.

“We were initially Stop Trump PAC but we changed because it violates FEC rules,” Lerner said. “We’ve been confused before.”

Emily Singer just kept eating it up:

“When Stop Trump PAC was founded, we didn’t file with the FEC, so we never searched that name,” the co-founder said, confirming the the group had no connection to Lerner. “We have no idea who that guy is. He has some affiliations with the Democratic Party, but we have no affiliation whatsoever with that guy.”

Can anyone tell me which conservative blogs link to Act Blue?

Reagan Battalion Act Blue Stop Trump

The link on their donation page “” redirects to Act Blue’s “” Some background on this political action committee that Reagan Battalion links to:

ActBlue is a United States political action committee established in June 2004 that enables anyone to raise money on the Internet for the Democratic Party candidates of their choice. It is independent of the Democratic Party itself and does not endorse individual candidates.

ActBlue has grown quickly to become a major fundraising tool for Democrats, with over 445 federal candidates and committees using the service during the 2014 election cycle.[1] As of April 2016, ActBlue had raised more than US$1.1 billion for Democratic candidates and progressive organizations at various levels of politics, making it the largest single source of funds in United States politics. The organization is open to all registered Democratic campaigns, candidates and 501(c)(4) organizations. ActBlue is a not-for-profit organization. ActBlue officially incurs costs of 3.95% of the gross contribution, and those fees are passed on to campaigns.

A group with ties to George Soros and a Democrat PAC, that a anti-white, racist “conservative” group links to on their donation page “call to action” area.

I just can’t anymore with these people. Democrats have to resort to stupid tactics like this to make their attacks gain greater penetration into conservative circles and you have complete lightweights like Emily Singer of doing puff piece interviews with anonymous internet attack dogs of George Soros and the Democrats.

But it really shouldn’t surprise us, since they can’t help themselves but become conspiratorial nutcases when their very existence is a lie.


Written by NWC

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