4Chan Spec Op Teams to Put a MAGA Hat on the SJW Statue Facing Off Against the Bull of Wall Street

Maga Statue Wall Street 4Chan

4Chan, specifically /pol/, one of the most effective anti-social justice warrior communites and a massively pro Trump propaganda machine, has decided to embark on another quest to completely destroy the left’s idols. The hacker, political misfit, and “weaponized autistic” community has decided to target New York City in this special operation. The latest call to action from of the massive anti-left online community is for putting a permanent MAGA hat on the SJW statue that was installed in front of the bull of Wall Street in New York City.

The statue was installed on International Women’s Day last week and shows a defiant young girl standing in front of and in opposition to, the Bull of Wall Street. It has already had its share of hats placed on its head, including the pussyhat, a favorite of the social justice warriors of the left.

They are currently looking for recruits to fabricate a permanent hat, someone to weld it or glue it down, and a few people to run interference.

4Chan has been at the forefront of the battles with the left, just the other day they used an almost military and police style precision tracking to nail down Shia Labeouf’s new protest Trump location and defiled the flagpole:

Internet sleuths tracked down Shia LaBeouf’s anti-Trump “He Will Not Divide Us” protest exhibit on Thursday and disrupted it for the third time, replacing the white flag featured on the online live stream with a pro-Trump t-shirt and MAGA hat.

The third location for “He Will Not Divide Us” was not disclosed by LaBeouf following disruptive incidents at previous exhibitions. However, by analyzing flight contrails and even celestial navigation, users from 4chan managed to pinpoint the new location in under two days.

Page Six reports 4chan users “started studying planes flying over the flag, and took note of flight times” in order to determine where it may be. They also “studied the sun and star patterns behind the flag,” as well as taking note of a picture of LaBeouf in a Tennessee diner to narrow down the area where the flag was hidden. A 4chan user in the suspected area drove around honking the horn of his car so that it could be heard on the video stream, allowing others to triangulate where the flag could be based on the driver’s location.

Capture the Flag HWNDU

People united together, worked together to find the location of this flag.

Masterful work 4Chan. Simply Masterful.

UPDATE: An Alternative Sabotage in the Works

Twitter / Account Suspended

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UPDATE 3/13/17 – If Only It Was Metal:

Tim Young on Twitter

Somebody fixed the statue of the little girl on Wall Street. LOL #MAGA #Trolling

UPDATE: 3/14/17 – Another Group Attempts to Make the Statue Great Again

Twitter / Account Suspended

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