Two Words We Should All Know

Two Words We Should All Know

This is more along the lines of a public service post since it’s important to be able to use big words when talking to liberals. Class is in session.


Caused by or influenced by humans.

Now let’s practice using anthroprogenic in common everyday sentences:

  • Creating clean water through technology is anthroprogenic.
  • Anthroprogenic terrorism is caused by the bad people being where they shouldn’t be.
  • Anthroprogenic global warming is a hypothesis based primarily on computer models with the same ability to predict the weather as picking stocks through Technical Analysis.
  • Drinking too many adult beverages will cause an anthroprogenic headache.
  • Pollution caused by nature is nature. Anthroprogenic pollution is a bad thing. China is a primary source of anthroprogenic pollution.
  • Luxembourg has more anthroprogenic pollution than the United States.
  • Canada is a nice place, too.
  • Deflate-gate was anthroprogenic.

Anthroprogenic is a magic word because using it means that you’ve at least bought in to the notion of global warming. That’s why we should start using it in lots of other situations as well to keep it from being a liberal duck call.


Caused by the doctor.

Now let’s practice using iatrogenic in common everyday sentences:

  • I’m pretty sure the rash I got at the hospital is iatrogenic.
  • I wonder if my jaw hurting is iatrogenic?
  • Any chance this is iatrogenic, doctor?
  • How much malpractice coverage do you have if this turns out to be iatrogenic?
  • If I can prove this is iatrogenic, I’M GOING TO SUE YOU FOR EVERY NICKEL YOU HAVE!

Iatrogenic is a magic word because you’re not supposed to know it. Try it the next time you go visit any medical professional. Just casually say something like “you don’t think there’s any chance this could be iatrogenic do you?” And then just give a little smile. Trust me. It will almost make the visit fun!

In summary

Big words are fun.

President Trump’s golf courses create a terrific anthroprogenic environment. We need more of them!

Reform of HUD by Ben Carson will truly be said to be iatrogenic.

Feel free to use these new additions to your vocabulary in the anthroprogenic comments section below.

Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

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