The Truth is (Not) Out There: UFO Hunters Duel Over Claims of Faked Videos

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The Sun

A YOUTUBE channel that claims to post UFO sightings has been blasted as a fake… by another online publisher devoted to extra-terrestrial mysteries.

SecureTeam10 has published videos claiming to show aliens zooming past the International Space Station, a fortress on the moon and black cubes sucking energy from the sun in the past year alone.

These have been picked up by news outlets across the world and are so popular they earn the operator of the YouTube channel up to £600 a day, according to figures from the website SocialBlade.

But now a representative from rival Lion’s Ground has presented The Sun Online with a dossier of evidence which suggests SecureTeam10’s videos are not the unquestionable evidence of extraterrestrial visitations some people would like them to be – and are damaging “real” UFO research.

Lion’s Ground has produced a series of videos calling these claims into question and suggesting they damage “real” UFO research.

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