The SpartaReport Forum – Raising discussion to a new level

When it was first announced that SpartaReport would be hosting a forum, there was some discussion of what it was about. Most people were not familiar with the term Forum, and had never been involved with one. All that people did understand was that the Forum would have no ads to bother with. It is time to bring forth more information about the Forum.

The SpartaReport Forum is simply an online discussion site where people can have conversations similar to the Comment Sections that currently exist on our posted articles. The Forum differs in that the discussion topic threads never close. They remain open and available for commenting at all times. And like with the regular comments sections, you can post links, quotes, attach files, etc.

But, the key difference between what the “Open Site” offers and what the Forum offers is the content. Anyone who is in the Forum can open their own topics for discussion.

Yes Spartans, that is correct! You can open and post your own topics for discussion and not be at the mercy of what the writers at SpartaReport post on the regular site.

If something tickles your fancy, you can start a thread about it. Say you don’t like dining out because people don’t control their kids in restaurants. Have at it! Post a thread  and have fun interacting with others.

Hate Meryl StrepThroat and other Hollyweird bullies? Now you have an outlet to vent and express outrage whenever you like.

Favorite Movies or New Releases? Write your own reviews and interact with others.

The WORLD IS YOURS in the SpartaReport Forum.

Currently, SpartaReport Forum has four general sections for topics. They are

  1. General Discussions
  2. Politics and Current Events
  3. SpartaReport Podcast
  4. SpartaReport Article Comments

We can add and expand on the general sections as desired. I see new sections like Culture, Religion, and Science and Technology as new sections.

Within each section, the Forum member can post topic threads and start discussions as he/she likes. Any member can respond and as often as liked.

Rules in the Forum are greatly reduced. Almost anything goes. But we do request that at least a couple of simple rules be followed.

  • Be nice to each other.
  • No nudity. (Sorry CP1)

Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of what SpartaReport Forum is about. Give it a whirl sometime. Take a test drive. And for those who don’t join the Forum, see you on the SpartaReport.


Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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