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The Morlocks & The Eloi

When a high school teacher tells you that Shakespeare and Descartes are the enemy, you are no longer dealing with a high school teacher. When a feminist says a burqa is liberation, you are no longer dealing with a feminist. When a gay rights activist lays down on an airport floor in solidarity with foreigners whose culture demands he be killed for being gay, you are no longer dealing with a gay rights activist. When a socialist favors outsourcing your job to another country, because not to do so is racist, you are no longer dealing with a socialist. These are not partisan opponents. This is not partisan politics. This is a completely different animal. This is the New Left. And they have gone to war against western civilization itself.
This is not your father’s Oldsmobile.

— Intuitive Observations February 2, 2017

What a clever and disturbing little paragraph!

But it begs a question: What is the agenda? The motivation? Who are these people? Is society actually doomed? Or is it simply returning to normal. I feel inspired to find out…

To explore further, I want to first draw on Lenin’s concept of Useful Idiots.

Offended groups are easily recruited. They are in fact quite simple-minded: They express boundless adoration for those who “like them.” Anyone willing to repeat their slogans is considered wise and inspiring. They intensely hate those who “don’t like them.” In another generation, they will be highly useful to put down any group that challenges real authority. (The mob is not constrained by due process.) And so it was in Rome.

It isn’t necessary to do anything to earn the support of the offended or behave in a way consistent with their values. Note how eco-celebrities travel and live: They are monstrous hypocrites. But it doesn’t matter because they “love the earth.” They are “concerned.” That’s all it takes. Love is all you need.

It’s extremely interesting to study the fate of journalists, gays, greens, and even the environment in societies where the agenda is achieved. Consider the environment: Look at the industrial parts North Korea, China, and the former Soviet Union. They are shimmering toxic wastelands. When socialists win, they make our “EPA disaster sites” look like English gardens. Why is that? Listen to the economic and social ideology taught by their schools and leaders. It’s easy. Use the web. Can you spell “duplicity”? And yet I propose to show that North Korea and even Venezuela are success stories.

I could add 500 more. If you think collectivism will clean the environment, you have a screw loose.

Study cities controlled by leftist ideology: Chicago, Detroit, East St. Louis, Cincinnati. Notice any similarities? They look like WW3 aftermath landscapes. I’m not exaggerating. But you won’t ever see these places on TV. Take a drive through the San Joaquin Valley. Look out the car window. Does it look like an eco-paradise? A worker’s paradise? California has been dominated by the anointed for half a century. And the citizens put up with the highest levels of regulation and taxation in the country. The social structure is converging on feudalism. But I will prove to you that California is also a success story. Downtown East St. Louis Tour On America’s Food In San Joaquin Valley
There are hundreds more. Again, blight and leftist success are practically synonyms.

Now study industries where leftist ideology triumphed though the trade unions: railroads, auto manufacturing, steel making, mining, and especially education. All apparent disasters. The workers (or in many cases, former workers) are now sorted into the furious, entitled or pensioned. Yet this is victory. Socialism is a powerful invention. Bear with me… Down Mill Town

Most of the modern permaggrieved are simply dupes. They are assets to those who would divide and conquer. The agenda appears to be ruin. But once again, why? Who wants or gains by a society of elites ruling with unbridled power over impoverished and morally debased nitwits? Who is willing to say anything or practice any deception for power? What kind of person promotes and exploits every moral weakness to advance themselves? Who could enjoy seeing the submission and degradation of others?

And perhaps even more amazing is the character of those so easily deceived and so logically impaired that they admire those who stomp on their faces and blight the lives of their children for generations. Who are these victims? How can they persist in the gene pool?

It’s hard for you to see an explanation because you’re probably not a member of either class. But the classes have names: The psychopaths and the empaths. I sometimes prefer to call them Morlocks and Eloi.

Psychopaths are a distinct subset of humanity that have always been with us. Studies suggest a genetic basis. In many social contexts they are highly successful. And when they succeed on a large scale, society stratifies into cruel aristocrats and downtrodden serfs. Social mobility ceases. Society becomes stratified by language, education, manners, and birth. History offers countless examples. In fact, there are hardly any counterexamples. It may be accurately described as the human condition. It is, quit simply, normal.

Psychopaths are the human predatory subgroup. Like most predators, they are considerably smarter and faster than their prey. Above all, they have no moral or emotional reservations about exploiting their victims. Does an eagle look guilty devouring a fish? Anywhere hierarchies and bureaucracies flourish, psychopaths rise to the top. They are over-represented in government, business, education, and especially every kind of witch-doctoring. – The Disturbing Link Between Psychopathology and Leadership. – Sociopathy in World Leaders and the Prevalence of Evil. – High-functioning Sociopaths and the Damage They Cause.
These are all pop-science citations. But the serious literature is full of supporting studies.

Empaths, on the other hand, are driven by feelings: they experience unbridled joy from every sort of emotional and physical gratification. Music, sex, food, drugs, parties, love, caring and being cared-for are dominant themes in their lives. Listen to the radio. Above all, an easy living is the long-sought goal. Although sometimes creative, their output seldom reflects virtuosity. (Remember “art” class in grade school? Or Piet Mondrian? Or John Cage?) They don’t like demanding trades. Talking about complex problems is contentious. Technology offends because it’s hard, loud and dirty. Capitalism and industry are exploitative. Saving and investing are greedy. Those who advocate any kind of delayed gratification are obviously “meanies.” Empaths prefer to feel their way through life without looking ahead. As a class, they tend to be both stupid and ignorant (categorically – no pejorative intended) because their mode of existence places few demands on intellect or experience. They are over-represented among the depressed, fat, and alcoholic because the world is just not a happy place “when you feel too much.” They endorse egalitarian doctrines because they believe they’ll be on the receiving end with the rest of a warm cuddly herd. They are the perpetual clients of witch doctors. In short,empaths are the other half of the marriage made in heaven for psychopaths. Baby in the Well – The case against empathy Relationship between Empaths and Narcissists People are Naturally Stupid.
The key problem with the empath class (as opposed to simply being empathic) is that they are
the fuel for what psychopaths do. Every misunderstood saint needs a grand inquisitor.

It may or may not be the case that people are born with such inclinations, but it’s very much in the interests of psychopaths to cultivate empaths. Just as farmers cultivate cattle for savory meat. With people, cultivation is usually a matter of education (although breeding is effective and we’re working on that.) It’s noble to pay taxes. Wise to submit to regulations. Responsible to make do with less. Of course! So those with power will have more. So their children will prosper. So your children will be their servants. The value of money is greater when among the poor. The value of education is greater when among the ignorant. to Orwell: My Hellish Vision of the Future is Better than Yours (1949)

Morlock children go to Harvard. Eloi children go to State U. Morlocks eat meat. Eloi eat grain. Morlocks make rules. Eloi obey them. Morlocks employ armies. Eloi know guns are bad. Morlocks fly. Eloi walk or ride the bus. Morlocks own yachts. Eloi feel guilty for operating a lawn mower. Morlocks live on estates. Eloi share an apartment. The list is endless. The morality is manufactured to suit the purpose: More for me. Less for you. It’s not even primarily about money: Psychopaths rule because they successfully teach their victims that victim morality is superior.’s The Antichrist

Perceptions are important: Morlocks fly to conferences and eat caviar in expensive hotels to discuss better ways to take care of their Eloi. And the Eloi forgive them because they admire the Morlock lifestyle and know the Morlocks will force the evil tradesmen to pay a higher price for greedy behavior. The Eloi don’t even mind being scolded for being selfish and bad because they know they sometimes put themselves above Mother Nature. By buying packaged food. By recycling carelessly. By keeping their hovels too warm in the winter or too cool in the summer., Machiavelli, and Pop-Ecology

The balance between submissiveness and fear is important. If the Eloi begin to resent their standard of living, we import new Eloi from societies that produce a more submissive breed. If the Eloi get “uppity,” we import others who are fear-inspiring. Whatever it takes to keep the herd well-balanced. Willing to pay and obey. And keep each other in line. That is success. And that is the agenda. You see, everything is working properly and the world is returning to normal. The aberration of Western Civilization with foolish talk of rights and toleration and science is drawing to a close. We will redefine “rights” to mean privileges. “Toleration” to mean conformity. “Science” of course, will mean whatever affirms our decisions.
We the Morlocks.

Many benevolent people would like to step out of this dance.  You don’t have to be a Morlock to be successful and you don’t have to be an Eloi to be good person. For centuries, if not millennia, you had to be one or the other. Now there is a third way. It no longer has a name. The name was stolen and corrupted. But it exists. You just have to wake up.


I have known Dibarcus for many years; he has been a great source of learning and provided much encouragement to the pursuit of my blogging career.  He emailed me the above in response to Intuitive Observations post.

He has generously allowed me to share his thoughts with Sparta.

Bruno Strozek

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

Bruno Strozek is the author of occasionally semi-coherent piffle and has been a Writer/Editor at Sparta Report since July 2016.

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