Social Justice Warrior Battle Royale: The DNC Livestream Vote UPDATE II: Round II in Process

Here we are ladies and gentlemen, I talked about this yesterday. Will we see an Obama/Socialist/SJW backed Tom Perez or a anti-Semitic/Sanders/Muslim Supremacist/SJW backed Keith Ellison?

A win by Perez would increase Obama’s control over the party and would most likely continue them on their current course.

A win by Ellison could be the biggest disaster for the Democrat party in a generation OR cement the various SJW factions together with the socialists, the low info Bernie bros., and others to sail to electoral victory in 2018. OK… OK… Now it is time to stop dreaming in fantasy land.

Perez VS Ellison (with a few third party guys)

Tune in to find out!


DNC Winter Meeting- Atlanta

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UPDATE DNC Livestream (1:24 PM EST)

Voting begins now. Howard Dean’s candidate Pete Buttigieg dropped without notice.

Jonathan Easley on Twitter

DNC has apparently abandoned the electronic voting system here. Paper allots only in election for chair. This could take a while.


Round I Voting Underway

Ballots are now being picked up. (1:35 PM EST)

The first round results were 213.5 for Perez and 200 for Ellison. 13.5 delegates up for grabs.


Round II Voting Underway

New Thread Here.


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