Samsung Preps for Galaxy S8 Launch Under Shadow of Exploding Note 7s


The Galaxy S8 will have the unfortunate role of being the first phone to launch after the combustible phablet, and Samsung is looking to make sure it won’t run into similar battery problems.

A new report indicates that Samsung is tapping a third battery maker for the Galaxy S8, which is one more step Samsung is taking to ensure the new phone will be safe for consumers.

So far, Samsung has reportedly delayed the Galaxy S8’s launch from late February to late March to deal with the Galaxy Note 7 fallout and prevent any battery issues in the future. To that end, Samsung also announced a series of additional battery tests that should prevent accidents in the future. Samsung explained that batteries from Samsung SDI and ATL that were used in the Galaxy Note 7 were responsible for the fires. Distinct faults that were not identified during production resulted in fires and explosions.

According to The Wall Street Journal, both Samsung SDI and ATL are still very much in the picture when it comes to supplying batteries for Samsung phones. Samsung SDI already confirmed it’s making Galaxy S8 batteries, and ATL batteries will also equip Samsung’s next flagship.

But Samsung has also tapped Sony to make Galaxy S8 batteries. The Japanese giant is in the process of selling its battery unit to Murata, a different Japan-based companies that was also recently rumored to make batteries for the Galaxy S8. LG was also rumored to make batteries for the Galaxy S8.

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