President Trump Said They Will Say ‘Donald Trump Rants and Raves,’ Media Proceeds to Prove Him Right

donald trump daca

He was right:

Follow­ing the press confer­ence, CNN’s Jake Tapper joined Wolf Blitzer to process the exchange, calling the president’s performance “wild” and “unhinged.”

“It was a wild press confer­ence,” Tapper began, noting the origi­nal intent of the news confer­ence was for Trump to announce his newest Secre­tary of Labor pick Alexan­der Acosta.

“He talked about [CNN reporter] Jim Acosta more than he talked about Alexan­der Acosta,” Tapper said. “He talked about Hillary Clinton more than he talked about Alexan­der Acosta.”

Tapper noted Trump spent the first part of the confer­ence touting accom­plish­ments, but said, “instead of focus­ing on these accom­plish­ments … it was an airing of griev­ances.”

“It was Festivus,” Tapper contin­ued. “It was complaints about the media. At one point he said the leaks were real but the news is fake, which doesn’t make any sense whatso­ev­er. He said things that were not true.”

“If you are a soldier in harm’s way right now, if you are a hungry child in Appalachia or the inner city, if you are an unemployed worker in the hollowed shell of a steel town, that’s not a presi­dent who seemed rather focused on your partic­u­lar needs and wants. That’s a presi­dent that’s focused on his bad press.”

“It was unhinged, it was wild,” Tapper added.

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