Over 100 Refugees Have Rushed Into the Country Since the TRO Was Placed on Trump’s Executive Order

One hundred Syrian refugees rushed into the country on Monday, the first full week day after Federal District Judge James Robart issued a temporary restraining order halting key elements of President Donald Trump’s immigration executive order, “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.”

A total of 113 refugees from three countries entered the United States on Monday, according to the State Department’s interactive website: 100 were from Syria, 12 were from Iraq, and one was from Somalia.

The three were among the seven countries on which President Trump imposed a temporary ban in the issuance of visas by an executive order President Trump signed on January 27 and which Judge Robarts stopped nationwide with a temporary restraining order Friday.

The other four countries on that list were Iran, Libya, Yemen, and Sudan.

All 113 refugees who entered the country were Muslims, according to the State Department. No refugees who were Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, or any religion other than Islam entered the country on Monday.

Judge Robart’s temporary restraining order also stopped President Trump’s temporary ban on refugees from all countries. It did not, however, stop the section of President Trump’s executive order that limits the number of refugees who can enter the country in Fiscal Year 2017 to 50,000.

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