Jessica Valenti Is What’s Wrong With Journalism

Donald Trump has been causing quite the stir among the mainstream media as of late.  First he calls out CNN, Buzzfeed, et al for what they are-fake news.  Next he labels these same fake news outlets as the direst enemies of a free people (which in point of fact, they are).  Donald Trump doesn’t stop there, of course.  Donald Trump dared to bar several news organizations from his White House press briefings.  The biggest name excluded was, of course, CNN.  Finally, as one last insult, Donald Trump REFUSED to attend the annual White House Press Corps dinner.

jessica valenti horror
The horror!

Donald Trump’s rhetoric is obviously extremely troubling to anyone who values a free press.  Everyone KNOWS that the First Amendment of the Constitution of these United Freaking States of ‘Murica EXPRESSLY FORBIDS any sort of criticism of the vaunted Fourth Estate.  This is how dictators get started, people!

“Dictators” must be stopped by un-elected, unaccountable bureaucrats! For democracy!

Ultra-feminist writer Jessica Valenti feels the exact same way, and she didn’t hesitate to make her fears known via Twitter:

Don’t you see how dangerous Donald Trump’s rhetoric is, people?  He’s going to get good, honest reporters KILLED!  Why, I’ll bet there’s a whole Basket of Deplorables out there sharpening their long knives just waiting for the command from Der Trumpenfurer to kill, maim, and slaughter innocent journalists across the country.

jessica valenti burns

“Wait, Radius, isn’t Jessica Valenti part of the same Mainstream Media that spends every waking moment decrying Trump and his supporters as racist throwbacks to the era of segregation, Jim Crow, and the music of the Big Bopper?”

Why yes, yes she is.  In fact, Jessica Valenti penned an article in which she openly wondered how she could possibly tell her daughter that America had elected a “racist, sexist bully.”  As a matter of fact, she also penned a screed in which she declared it was honorable to shame Trump supporters.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that there are three things that I just cannot abide-stupidity, hypocrisy, and those damn kids that just won’t stay off my lawn.

Damn kids…

It was almost like my fingers and phone had a mind of their own.  I was calling out Jessica Valenti’s abjectly stupid hypocrisy before I even knew what I was doing.

Of course I couldn’t leave it at just one or two tweets.  No, I ended up tearing into Jessica Valenti like the proverbial bag of Lay’s Potato Chips.

Jessica Valenti is the perfect example of everything that’s wrong in today’s Mainstream Media.  Shamelessly partisan, stupidly hypocritical, and filled to the brim with nasty attitudes.  Especially towards those who disagree with them politically.

Thankfully radio and Al Gore’s Internet have ensured a free and equal marketplace of ideas.  The Left and their champions in the Fourth Estate are increasingly finding themselves crowded out and replaced by bloggers, citizen journalists, and YouTubers.

I sincerely doubt anyone will miss Jessica Valenti and her ilk when they’re gone.


Written by Radius

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