HOMELAND Episode 5: “Casus Belli” & Spartan’s “Pick the Oscars” OPEN THREAD


Takeaway #1: When Homeland wants to kick up the action and paranoia there is no series that does it better. And kick it they did; stir the “is Quinn crazy” sauce into the mix and you have the makings of a “yowza” episode.

Picking up where last week’s “bang” left off there are suddenly more balls in play than after an Eddie Felson break shot.

When Quinn tossed the reporter down the back steps it was less a crazy moment then a cathartic one. The dude is a pit bull and Carrie is the only one he won’t bite.

So yeah, all the good stuff: betrayal, lies, more lies, the long con, things that go boom and things that go bump in the night.

Finally the show is hitting on all cylinders, leaving the viewer breathless and begging for more.

Takeaway #2: It is truly amazing that the writers of Homeland chose this season to go all in on the treachery of the Deep State.  Every week the irony meter pegs out at 11.  For example, this week Presidentress Elect Hillary Lite is sequestered in a “safe house” to keep the Deep State safe from her.

And the patented Ranting Right Wing Radio Talker who, if not in the employ of the Deep State,  is at least in simpatico with it.

I wonder if it’s even dawned on them that they have bottled lightning here – excepting they chose the bottle for capturing it poorly.

Which makes Homeland worth watching just as an exercise in controlled cluelessness.

Takeaway #3: And the Oscar goes to…  Uncle Bruno tells me he has only seen two of the nominees: La La Land, which he pronounced sucked humongously and Hell or High Water, which he liked.  So the coveted Uncle Bruno Oscar for the Movie That Sucked the Least goes to Hell or High Water.

Takeaway #4: And the Oscar really goes to…  Well, in a normal year it goes to La La Land, because it’s all about Hollywood and LA and everything Southern Kally.  The Oscars are a narcissist’s wet dream and La La Land is the Hollywood set’s loveletter to itself.

In a normal year, it’s a slam friggin’ dunk for La La Land (especially with 14 self-slobbering nominations all told).

This is not a normal year.

La La Land, is not PC enough this year (and SJW’s are calling it raciss!).

So that opens up the field for a dark horse winner: either Fences or Hidden Figures.

As we stand five weeks into Year Zero of The Great Oppression my social justice spidey sense is tingling that put upon minorities and “za vimins” of the pussy hats brigade need a soothing Hillary Clintonesque win.

Bet the farm on Hidden Figures.

HOMELAND Report Card Summary of Season 6 thus far:

Episode 1 – Fair Game: C–

Episode 2 – The Man in the Basement: D

Episode 3 – The Covenant: B-

Episode 4 – A Flash of Light: B+

Episode 5 –  Casus Belli: A



Ooh! Ooh! Last minute prediction for the Big Show on Sunday night!

According to a post just breaking at The Gateway Pundit, Lindsay Lohan claims she was “racially profiled” at Heathrow Airport for wearing a hijab!

Prediction:  Lohan will be asked to present an Oscar, possibly for the international film category, and she will do so bravely wearing her hijab.

The crowd will go wild and it will be the “story of the night”.

You heard it here first, Spartans!

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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