Guerilla Tactics

I’m not much of a tennis guy. If I want to see a ball go back and forth I’ll go to a hypnotist. But I do know what people tell me. They tell me the best female tennis player is Venus Williams. Or her sister. I can’t distinguish between them, so let’s just say Williams. I also know Williams is black. I don’t mind that, but as a white guy I can’t help but note that a black person wearing the title of world’s tennis champ is some serious cultural appropriation. I should take offense, as cultural appropriation is to be frowned upon I am told, but like I said, I’m not much of a tennis guy. (I can only hope however, that such cultural appropriation does not spread to golf.)

So as much as you may not care for the sport any more than I do, you should hear about a recent match between Williams and Switzerland’s Stefanie Voegele at the Australian Open in Melbourne. It produced an outcome that should bother any right thinking person – black or white, tennis fan or not. I don’t know who won the match, but I can tell you that the disturbing outcome was that a guy you never heard of got fired. Why is that disturbing? Let me tell you.

The match was covered on TV by ESPN veteran sports guy Doug Adler. In describing the match at one point Adler said, “’She (Voegele) misses a first serve and Venus is all over her. You see Venus move in and put the guerrilla effect on!”

That’s it. Did you catch it? His career went down the tubes right there. Like a Jewish Jimmy the Greek who said nothing like Jimmy the Greek.

Still confused? Guerilla is pronounced like gorilla, so do I need to say more? The alt-left wasted no time in batting this one over the net. Adler made the mistake of using a word that sounds like a word for a primate in describing Williams’ tactics. And Williams is black. Did I mention that? Yeah.

A white guilt-ridden cultural Marxist sees a black person as a potentially less evolved human, but like a dirty thought, he knows he shouldn’t be thinking like that. He knows it’s wrong, but the thought is in his head anyway. So, like a 12th century Catholic Flagellant, whipping his own back as penitence for his sinful nature, the alt-left social justice warrior must also do the same – except the back he whips is yours, and mine. They assume their thoughts are our thoughts. His racism becomes our racism. Therefore, his white guilt becomes our white guilt. So, a pound of flesh will be had. Not from them. From us. Or, in this case, from Adler. And since, as the psychology of the SJW would have it, it was Adler, the ESPN commentator, who put that thought into their heads by not spelling guerilla out loud, he deserves it.

So, what was Adler thinking? A famous ad ‘Guerrilla Tennis’ was the title of a Nike TV ad featuring tennis alumni Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras. In the ad, the two famous players take over a New York City street and a play a wild game of tennis using very unconventional moves. It became a meme in tennis. Adler was referencing this meme.

Problem is, the social justice Left was having none of it. It was just too good to check, as they say.

The fact that the term guerilla effect or guerilla tactics is a well known term in tennis does not matter. ESPN knew what he meant. Every listener knew what he meant. And I would suspect every SJW knew what he meant. Sure, some are stupid. Many are stupid. But not the ones who call the shots. Not the ones who make the phone calls into the president of ESPN. But it did not matter. What he meant was beside the point.

The cultural Marxist Left, always looking for an opportunity to tenderize society, couldn’t pass this up because softening up your target is another guerilla tactic. A bee sting is harmless, but it can make a grown man run away cursing. He’ll remember. He’ll be more careful next time. The cultural Marxists don’t care that Adler said nothing racist. What they care about is making sure that the proper procedures were followed once such an opportunity presents itself to deliver such a sting. And the procedure is to seize on the opportunity to wield their influence. Get an apology. Get a retraction. Get something pulled. Or get a scalp. It is good training. Even the smallest hint of the alt-right must be met with zero tolerance. It must be punished. And where was this hint of the alt-right? His critique of a black woman’s tennis style. Cue the bee sting. Or the electroshock therapy. Whatever metaphor suits you.

You may say, surely no one is so bold as to suggest he was calling her a gorilla. Yes, they are, and don’t call me Shirley. Remember the Hallmark flap of a few years ago? Hallmark made an astronomy-themed speaking greeting card for children that contained the phrase black holes. Naturally, the SJWs seized on that, calling the card racist because it referenced black hoes. I kid you not. That fact that hoes made no sense in the context of a children’s astronomy greeting card, did not matter. Hallmark was called onto the carpet. The NAACP held a press conference, and Hallmark apologized for the “confusion”. But there was no confusion. The card was about astronomy and the phrase was black holes. But they were not going to defend the card. The card was taken off the shelves everywhere. Basic cost/benefit analysis. The cost of doing so was less than the cost of not doing so.  The alt-left makes the cost benefit analysis always favor such a decision.  Their policy is thus: Fighting us is not worth your trouble. Kind of like the way the Viet Minh made the French decide fighting them was not worth their trouble. That is how the alt-left cultural Marxist warriors win.

Nobody is better at applying pressure to corporate America – or to government – than the alt-Left. To avoid the pressure, ESPN simply sacrificed Adler. Defending the obvious, that the term was guerilla, not gorilla, was simply pissing into the wind. The alt-left had a job to do, ESPN knew it, and it would have been self-destructive to stand up for truth and justice. In the age of social media and fake news, defending truth is expensive. Corporate America has no interest in adding to its cost structure. Once the accusation of racism is made, defending the subject of the attacks almost immediately reaches a point of diminishing returns. They get nothing good for defending their employee, but increasing grief for trying.  And that means in order to signal their own PC virtues – and ESPN is very PC – they knew the smart thing was just to throw Adler under the bus. Which they did. Truth and justice be damned.

“During an Australian Open stream on ESPN3, Doug Adler should have been more careful in his word selection. He apologized and we have removed him from his remaining assignments.”

So his sin was not spelling the word guerilla. Just like Captain Oveur should have spelled the word surely.

But Adler is not totally innocent in his own demise. He apologized. What does that say about his own commitment to truth and justice? They way he figured it, to avoid being eaten by the alt-left, he did not have to run faster than the beast, he only had to outrun his own integrity. He tried to satiate the alt-left by feeding it his testicles, but after it consumed them as an hors d’oeuvre, it ate him anyway as the main course. Not only was his apology craven, and fruitless, but short-sighted. Adler is now suing ESPN for firing him, claiming he did nothing wrong, but his apology undermines the basic premise of his lawsuit. If you did nothing wrong at all, why did you feel the need to apologize?  Hey, that’s how lawyers roll. Unfortunately, it is not just short-sighted for Adler. This capitulation for profit, is short-sighted for the Western world. What Adler had no way of knowing when he uttered that phrase, was that it was he himself who would fall victim to guerilla tactics.

Marxist revolutionaries have been very adept at using the tactics of guerillas in their war with their enemy. Che Guevara, the patron saint of guerilla warfare, mass murderer, and a T-shirt icon for obtuse millennial hipsters, inspired such tactics in Marxist revolutionaries the world over. What are these tactics? Hitting and running; targeting command and control points; going incognito by eschewing uniforms; appearing at one location only to leave to appear at another location to seem to be a larger force; inflicting damage on weakly defended targets. By doing all these things, a ragtag bunch fighters can really punch well above their weight. These tactics are force multipliers. When you don’t have the numbers, you have to fake it until you make it. The military calls it asymmetric warfare. We call it guerilla tactics. The alt-left calls it social justice.

But as the quote in the pic above reveals, Che Guevara thought the real battle for Marxism was to be found not in the jungles of the Third World, but in the decadent West itself. “I envy you North Americans. You are fighting the most important fight of all. You are living in the heart of the beast.” By beast, I assume he meant anywhere in 1950 so bourgeoisie that you could drink the tap water and not get diarrhea. And sure enough, such tactics are not limited to Marxists fighting in tin pot countries anymore. They are being used in every western nation by the cultural Marxists – the alt-left. Let’s look at how this works:

First and foremost, organize. When you don’t have the raw numbers to get what you want from society, banding together is critical to make it appear that your cause is a popular one. Corporations and government representatives almost always cave to what they perceive as greater force. This is something the cultural Marxists have always done very well – organize to appear bigger than they are. For every right-wing organization, there are 1,948 left-wing organizations. How small they are being irrelevant. Each one is a voice. Indeed, they even use the term organize in their name. Organizing for America, is an operation that was once actually an arm of the DNC. Organizing for Action. Organizing for Power. Organizing for Change. Google them. The list goes on and on. We use to have a president that did that exact thing for the Left in Chicago. He was an community organizer. He did not organize communities, of course. He organized people. Just a few of them, mind you. But that was enough. A few people working in collusion.

This organization aspect is critical. Two people in collusion can create a much bigger effect than a hundred people who may be on the other side, but who don’t collude. Letter writing campaigns work this way. Want to get your way? Apply pressure. Just get a few people to write a letter to the same company or some political representative. For example, say you don’t like orange soda sold at your local McDonald’s, because things orange remind you too much of Trump. Just write a letter to whomever it is in charge of making such a decision at McDonald’s – targeting command and control – and claim you represent Organizing For Less Orange Soda, or OFLOS, a grassroots organization dedicated to stamping out fascism in soft drinks.

In reality, there are only two of you. You and your mom. In fact, there only needs to be one of you. Your mom doesn’t know what you do downstairs. But you can send as many letters as you like. You represent a voice. That is how you appear to have a larger force than you do. For added effect, add an ethnic identifier – Chinese Humans Against Orange Soda, or CHAOS. You don’t even have to be Chinese. (Naturally, your address is a P.O. box. That raises no suspicions since all the world’s largest corporations also use a P.O. box as their mailing address.)

You may think this is silly, but look at the calculus from the corporate side. McDonald’s received no letters in favor of orange soda, and, say, 15 opposed to it, so you can see how the suits might decide. Those who drink orange soda can just switch to the other drinks. They are not writing you angry letters. But the anti-orange soda people are. What’s more, it is assumed those 15 letters are just the tip of an angry iceberg – a movement. Like electricity, corporate America always take the path of least resistance. They don’t want to piss off the Chinese. There’s a billion of them. Who needs grief like that? Pull the soda.

You have just become an army of one.

Don’t laugh. None of this is funny. This is how the alt-left operates and they do so successfully. Now increase the scale in my little example. Instead of one or two, make it one or two thousand. That is how people end up being fired. Like our friend, Adler. That his how merchandise gets pulled from shelves. That is how monuments get renamed. This is how the Overton window gets moved. Not by popular will. By guerilla warfare.

The point is, happy people usually don’t write letters, just as they don’t pick up an AK-47 to overthrow their government. The one or two that do, can easily get their way. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Five thousand people may like orange soda at your local McDonalds, but you don’t. But you got your way. Talk about asymmetric warfare yielding dividends. We are not a democracy. We are not even a representational republic. That is not how things really get decided. Guerilla warfare of the Left has made us an oligarchy of a very small but organized group of the petulant and the aggrieved.

Let’s look at this in action. It is the logic behind marches. This is how demonstrations can be so effective. You turn on your TV and see 50,000 alt-left women marching in Washington, and you might be thinking, Gee, women don’t like Trump. If half the people in this country don’t like him, should I like him? In reality, those 50, 000 women are pretty much all the women angry enough to show up. You may think that those are just the angry women in Washington. Not so. They actually boasted how they came from all over the country. Natch. Based on a population of 320 million, they represent 0.0003125 percent of all the women in America. That is 1 in 160,000. The rest of the women in America, either support Trump, or don’t care for him one way or the other. But by all showing up in one place at one time, that 0.0003125% of all women – the angry alt-left women – create the impression – for networks cameras no less – that women have a big problem with Trump, and by extension, everything he represents. Give the enemy the idea you are legion. Classic guerilla tactic. It works in the mountains and jungles. Don’t think it doesn’t work on the National Mall. That is how you create a narrative.

Now add violence to the mix. Then you really have a force multiplier for that narrative. You can see this in any race riot. Get 50 hoodlums to throw rocks and break windows, set fires, and the cameras come running. Fifty hoodlums each committing one act of vandalism, that makes a big mess. Naturally, an observer concludes that black people are really angry, ergo there must be something systemically wrong with society. Ergo, don’t look at the rioters, look at society for the blame. In actuality, that is not at all what is happening. A few miscreants – often organized and with criminal records – are creating a scene. But the alt-left incites it, seizes upon it and then promotes it as evidence that their social justice politics are not only just, but needed as a salve for society’s rash. After all, an entire race of people is violently protesting, and since an entire race of people can’t be wrong, it must be time for systemic change. N’est pas? Rinse and repeat for any alt-left cause.


While we are protesting and rioting, don’t forget to leave your uniform at home. No need to be identified. Key point here. Uniforms are for soldiers – and suckers. Marxist revolutionaries usually go incognito with only a bandanna covering their faces to indicate they are up to no good. Well, in places like Colombia terrorized by the rebels of FARC, you see the bandanna and an AK-47. In America, you just see the bandanna. But it’s there whenever fascism needs to be kicked in the face. And by fascism, they mean your pasty-white smiling face under your MAGA ball cap. The point is, by not showing their faces, they are not only protecting themselves from prosecution for their crimes, but they also creating the notion that like Anonymous and the Guy Fawkes mask, or the Klan and the sheet, they could be everywhere and everyone. That creates fear. What could be more grassroots yet intimidating than thinking that everybody – maybe your own neighbor – is part of the cause? There is your force-multiplying guerilla effect, again.

So, we come back to Adler. How many people did he truly anger? How many of those even watch tennis? And how many of those really, truly believed he called Venus a gorilla? And how many of those are not educated enough to be familiar with the word guerilla? After you do the subset of a subset of a subset thing, there were probably 8 people in the entire world who felt they have a valid reason to call for his head. That is not a movement. That is the number of people who can fit into a Chrysler Minivan. The rest, those who actually made the calls to ESPN, were in it only for the politics. But the end result was that a 10-year sports analysis for ESPN not only lost his job and his career, but in some circles, he lost his reputation. The alt-left demanded his sacrifice, and his bosses, ever fearful of the angry gods, dutifully sacrificed him to ensure a plentiful harvest next season. But the point of this for the alt-left was not to punish a nobody for doing nothing. The point was to engender fear. They made an example out of him. They produced another example of what will happen to anyone who runs afoul of the social justice realpolitik. The Left calls this kind of guerilla tactic raising awareness.

As much as some of this may seem humorous, it really isn’t. Guerilla tactics can bring down a sophisticated army. The mujahedin brought down the Soviets with such tactics. But at least the Russians could go home. As could the French after the fall of Dien Bien Phu. But if the West falls, if the cultural Marxists push through to their final victory, where do we go then? Where do we retreat to – Antarctica? The guerillas of the cultural Marxists can bring down an entire civilization from within, especially one based not on military might but on freedom of speech, the critical thought that powers that speech, and self-evident truth to which that speech must bear witness. If we are so intimated to say gorilla that we won’t even say guerilla, if a man’s entire life can hang on one word, and at the whim of a small cadre of revolutionaries, who are not representative of our society in either numbers or ideology, then we have already been commandeered. How did this happen and when? It has been happening for decades now. And it is still happening and it happened because we didn’t fight the guerillas. We didn’t fight them because it was never our personal fight.

Then they came for Doug Adler, and I did not speak out because I was not an ESPN tennis announcer . . . 

Well, I am speaking out. Even though, like I said, I am not much of a tennis guy.


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