The Flynn Affair & Snowden UPDATE: DoJ Source Leaks?

Let me make clear I have no sympathy for Michael Flynn or his sudden departure from the Trump administration. Flynn committed the gravest sin in the political world, he put his welfare ahead of his superiors; specifically by misleading Trump and Pence. The mainstream media is largely playing this as the beginning of the end of the Trump administration (Stupid is as stupid does) but a minority is clamoring about the “Deep State”, anonymous sources and Flynn’s “political assassination”. Everything being said by all parties is an intentional distraction and immaterial to the problem at hand. The Flynn Affair, like the Dreyfuss Affair in France over 100 years ago, was the corrupt Establishment committing a serious overreach which will lead to their combined downfall.

In 2013, Edward Snowden made history by being the first principled traitor in the history of the United States. He didn’t betray his country for money, fame or revenge. He released a comprehensive set of documents which laid out in inarguable terms proof most of the Bill of Rights no longer applies to U.S. citizens. I have a great deal of sympathy for Snowden feeling compelled to educate the American public about the objective reality:

Everything you do, say, and type is being monitored in real time by the Intelligence Community of the United States government.

There is no way his revelation ISN’T a BFD and anyone who tells you he had other choices other than what he did is blowing smoke in one of your orifices.

The one accusation most conservatives have trouble with is Snowden revealing means, methods and targets – the HOW and WHO of gathering information from those who believed their conversations and data were secure.

Are the alarms in your head going off yet?

They damn well better be.

Michael Flynn was brought down by people inside the Intelligence Community who decided the fact we can listen to the Russian ambassador’s calls was NOT one of our most highly guarded secrets … as long as they could use those conversations to embarrass the Trump administration even before it took office.

Since every single one of the people with access to this level of information a) were certainly among those calling Snowden a traitor in 2013 AND b) just committed at least one serious felony violation of the Espionage Act as egregious as ANY Snowden committed, we are clearly at risk of these self same traitors taking any action they deem fit to their purpose of destabilizing the government.

This isn’t a soft coup.

This IS an attempted coup.

Their actions and the actions of the members of the media which reported their stories constitute a conspiracy which has placed itself above ALL laws and even sanity.

It’s time to suspend EVERY member of the Intelligence Community who had access to the Flynn data from ANY activity associated with classified data until the guilty parties are identified. It is PAST time to FIRE every Obama political appointee with ANY access to ANY classified data.

And it is definitely time to arrest for suspicion of treason EVERY member of the media who directly published these “anonymous sources” who had decided for reasons completely unprincipled they would prove Snowden is the least of our problems.

The price of leniency for the media people?

Provide the names and proof of the people who betrayed their oaths for purely political reasons.

If you think I am overreacting?

Stop and consider these SAME media people have spent every day since the election constantly declaring the RUSSIANS were the gravest threat to the United States … but didn’t go to ANYONE to report what they KNEW were massive breaches of security absolutely guaranteed to HELP the Russians.

It’s time STOP the hemorrhaging and for Rudy Guiliani to serve as a Special Prosecutor who will use a Grand Jury to KEEP the media traitors in jail until they sing so the other media people don’t blithely publish more of our most closely guarded secrets.

Once they sing?

Then some of the traitors get to find out if this country will hang them for treason.

UPDATE: Department of Justice the Source of the Leaks?

Shit just got real – Judicial Watch (the only people to cause the Obama administration FOIA & other legal problems) is in the mix:

Chris Farrell, a former counterintelligence official and director of investigations and research at Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog  organization, said they are expecting “documents and records on FOIA requests we filed concerning investigations being conducted by the DOJ on Trump’s transition team.” 

Farrell said if the request is not fulfilled by next Wednesday, Judicial Watch will sue.
He said, “it would be a very narrow universe of persons who would have had access to that classified material. Even the number of persons who would have access should be definable. That sort of communication intelligence, or comment collection activity is very specific. The list of people is narrow.”

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