Fences Make Good Neighbors

One of the tactics of the chattering classes of the media that has become apparent is their effort to piledrive targeted memes to damage the Trump Administration and its efforts to enact the policies and agenda Donald Trump promised to enact if elected.  They seek to define the
narrative and encourage many Americans to block this Administration’s policies and agenda directives that work against the interests of the ‘Establishment’.  As is typical in these efforts, smidgens of facts are interspersed with the ‘fake news’.

All of this is intended to give these memes the semblance of being entirely factual for the average low information voter.

One of these memes was based around the Trump Administration’s efforts to reestablish the rule of law when it comes to our immigration laws – by enforcing the immigration laws as they are currently written and enacted.  The subject of illegal immigrants was one at the core of the Trump campaign message.  It was also one that was the antithesis of what the ‘Establishment’ preferred – open borders, amnesty for the illegals already in the US, and establishing to everyone that emigrating to the US was a fundamental human right, not a privilege subject to a review or vetting.

This meme took a unique spin as the ‘new’ Trump Administration policies regarding illegal immigration were released earlier this week – and the joint visit by the Secretary of State and Department of Homeland Security Secretary to Mexico on Wednesday.

The spin?  The visit by the Department of Homeland Security Secretary and the Secretary of State to Mexico City was to “mend fences” with the Mexican government.

Several Op-Ed columnists, including those allegedly ‘conservative’, combined with most of the mainstream pushed this meme.  Some couched it around the purpose of the meeting was ‘just to work on the specifics of fighting drug trafficking’.  But a few others, decided that their real role was to make the case that Mexico is an aggrieved and insulted nation because the Trump Administration decided to enforce US immigration laws.

There’s a unique level of gall involved with taking a position to advocate, on behalf of a foreign nation, that the decision to enforce the US laws that exist in our legal system is an affront to that foreign nation.  Those who lobby to that extent for a foreign nation, after all, are required by law to register as a foreign agent for that nation.  But these members of the media clearly believe that the ends justifies the means – and the meme.

Don’t most Americans lock the doors to their home to keep out those whom they don’t give permission to enter?  Don’t most Americans look out through their windows or peepholes to see whom is seeking to enter?  A Trump supporter, Sandy Hurst, told the Wall Street Journal on the subject of Trump’s policies to enforce our immigration laws, “Even heaven has a wall and a gate. And there is lot of super vetting going on there.”

Common sense apparently isn’t applicable here for those opposing enforcing US laws.

Benny Avni, an Op-Ed columnist / contributor to the New York Post, wrote today to make the case that it is imperative that the Trump Administration ‘mends fences’ with Mexico.  That it must ‘clean up the mess’ it’s made by wanting to enforce the US immigration laws because many illegal immigrants subject to deportation are Mexican nationals.  That if we don’t do so, Mexico will stop ‘fighting’ the illegal drug trade between Mexican drug cartels and the US….

“For years, Mexicans wondered why they should spill blood on behalf of their drug-addicted northern neighbor. That question will only grow louder as we threaten to build a wall, demand they pay for it and talk about starving the country’s economy. Can Kelly convince them, a day after ordering more deportations, to stick by the Merida Initiative, a drug-fighting security-cooperation pact? And without Mexico’s cooperation, will Trump be able to fulfill a campaign promise to end the drug epidemic in American suburbs?”

Or that we’ll be paying ever increasing prices for the avocados and other vegetables that we buy from Mexico if we anger Mexico:

“Trade wars set off by tariffs or fights over who will pay for the border wall mean your guacamole, a favorite American snack, may become more of a luxury as avocado prices double at the supermarket. Same goes for other vegetables.”

Or that Trump’s actions will ‘convince’ the Mexican people to elect a far-left fringe candidate who most closely seems to be their ‘Hugo Chavez’?  As if that’s worse to the US than a Narco-terrorist bought Mexican President?

These are a pathetic rationale for not only returning to the selective enforcement of the rule of law, but also the need to reward Mexico and the 15+ million illegal immigrants (most of whom are either from Mexico or transited Mexico to enter the US illegally?  That we need to adopt amnesty and open borders so our neighboring nation to the south, a corrupt and largely dysfunctional nation that appears often hostile to the US, is appeased?

How absurd is that as a cogent and valid argument for the American people?

I find it interesting that the Mexican government, and our media, are far more worked up about Donald Trump’s decision to enforce the US immigration laws as they are written than they were when President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder launched ‘Fast & Furious’. That was his Administration’s means to a desired end – to justify the case for a massive increase in gun controls within the United States.  He did this by illegally running weapons from America to the Mexican drug cartels.

Those criminal organizations then used those weapons (as well as others obtained from corrupt Mexican police / army units) to ignite a crime war in that nation. The carnage included several thousand innocent Mexican civilians being killed as well as those weapons being used by Cartel thugs in the murders of Americans, including law enforcement officers throughout the Southern US.

I also find it interesting that alleged conservatives like Benny Avni have no problem with the affronts from the Mexican government or activist organizations like La Raza (The Race) and MEChA that are racist and virulently anti-American?

The US shouldn’t have a problem with the current Mexican President (and his Party) being basically bought and paid for by Narco-terrorists?  That the Mexican government has for a decade or more actively encourages and enables its citizens to violate US law by entering the US illegally?  That its Consulates in the US work to not only help those illegal immigrants commit identity theft / fraud to send billions back to Mexico as they illegally work in the US, but is now committing $50 million to interfere with the enforcement of US law?  (They don’t need to use those funds in their own country?)

That its efforts to stop the drug trade from Mexico into the US is marginal at best – impacted by a combination of corruption and a lack of will?  That it chooses to not enforce its own strict immigration laws on those who have entered their country illegally if they ‘promise’ to transit Mexico and enter the US illegally?  That promises to go to the UN and charge the US with ‘human rights abuses’ for saying immigration into the US is a privilege, not a right?

The Administration decision to enforce the existing immigration laws isn’t being directed at a foreign country.  It’s directed at OUR country.  It’s simply a return to the rule of law – a rule that had been suspended for far too long to the detriment of THIS country.  We have our right to enforce our laws, just as Mexico, or any other nation, has right to enforce their laws.    Mexico should respect our position to enforce our laws.  That shouldn’t require fences to be mended.

Right now, Mexico isn’t being good neighbor.  They need to be reminded that they do need to be a good neighbor if they want to be treated like a good neighbor.  Otherwise, I’m reminded that fences will make good neighbors.


Written by Athos


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