BREAKING: Scott Pruitt EPA Confirmed! Wilbur Ross Cloture Vote Fails For Democrats

Democrat motion fails with 51 voting against them to end debate on Scott Pruitt.

The Democrats are extremely angry. Democrat Senator Carper is screeching on the floor.

Update 1:03 PM EST:

Next ten minutes and he will have his confirmation vote.

Update 1:04 PM EST:

Senators are now casting their vote to get an anti-global warming religion cabinet member as head of the EPA. Glorious.





Update: CONFIRMED At 1:14 PM EST

Update: Now onto Wilbur Ross for Commerce Secretary.

Who also has MUH RUSSIA!!!!!!!!! questions. Cloture vote on now.

Update 1:26 PM EST: Wilbur Ross Cloture Vote Fails for the Democrats. Moves on to full vote!

Update: 1:49 PM EST: Wilbur Ross will be confirmed Monday 7 PM EST

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