BREAKING: Scott Pruitt EPA Confirmed! Wilbur Ross Cloture Vote Fails For Democrats

Democrat motion fails with 51 voting against them to end debate on Scott Pruitt.

The Democ­rats are extreme­ly angry. Democ­rat Senator Carper is screech­ing on the floor.

Update 1:03 PM EST:

Next ten minutes and he will have his confir­ma­tion vote.

Update 1:04 PM EST:

Senators are now casting their vote to get an anti-global warming religion cabinet member as head of the EPA. Glori­ous.





Update: CONFIRMED At 1:14 PM EST

Update: Now onto Wilbur Ross for Commerce Secretary.

Who also has MUH RUSSIA!!!!!!!!! questions. Cloture vote on now.

Update 1:26 PM EST: Wilbur Ross Cloture Vote Fails for the Democrats. Moves on to full vote!

Update: 1:49 PM EST: Wilbur Ross will be confirmed Monday 7 PM EST

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