Asghar Farhadi’s hypocrisy on Trump and what is ‘inhumane’


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The letter received two rousing applauses from the crowd, once at the end and another following the line where Farhadi called Trump’s order “inhumane.”

But while Farhadi was quick to label Trump’s executive order “inhumane,” he completely ignored any of the inhumane laws deployed be his own country, whose legal system is based on a modified form of Islamic Shariah law and is openly anti-Semitic, often calling for death to all Israelites and Americans.

Iran regularly executes homosexuals and apostates — people who renounce their Muslim faith — while also jailing journalists and non-Muslims.

In addition to frequently executing criminals and dissidents via firing squad, hanging, beheading, stoning and throwing people from heights, Iran also uses amputation and flogging as punishment for crimes like theft, consumption of alcohol and “lesbianism.”

Those facts, however, were conveniently left out of Farhadi’s letter.


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