2/16/17: The Day President Trump Held the MSM Accountable For Their Actions


By now, I am certain, gentle readers, that you have either watched , read, or been told about the eviscer­a­tion of the Main Stream Media by the 45th Presi­dent of the United States of Ameri­ca, Donald J. Trump, in his Press Confer­ence yester­day.

The poor saps did not know what hit them.

Here is what Rush Limbaugh had to say about it…

…So the CNN guy stands up and effec­tive­ly asks — I’m paraphras­ing Jim Acosta — “Don’t you think…? Don’t you think that these routine attacks of yours on the press and on the media under­min­ing the First Amend­ment by calling what we’re doing ‘fake news’?

“Aren’t you doing a terri­ble disser­vice to the Consti­tu­tion and to the Ameri­can people by criti­ciz­ing the media?” And there it was. Sure as I’m sitting here watch­ing, there it was. They can sit here all day and not just criti­cize. They can try to destroy people. They can — using whatev­er power they think they have been grant­ed by the First Amend­ment — go out and liter­al­ly destroy people. Let Trump criti­cize the way they do their jobs, and all of a sudden it’s a consti­tu­tion­al crisis. Well, how about Obama trash­ing me all the time?

How about Obama trash­ing Fox News all the time? Was that not a threat to the First Amend­ment? No, they applaud­ed that. They still do applaud that. They join in the attacks on Fox News — and, more often than not, they join in attacks on me, too. But they want you to believe that they are this watch­dog and that they’re holding truth to power, that they’re holding power­ful people account­able. They’re not doing anything of the sort. The press has gotten to the point where they need a watch­dog, and it turns out that Trump is the watch­dog!

Trump is the guy holding them account­able.

Trump is the guy calling them out. I’ve never seen anything like this today. I have never seen it. We have wanted Repub­li­can presi­dents all of my life to deal with these people this way, and the only thing we ever got was Spiro Agnew. We’ve not seen anything like this, and Trump did it with an air of confi­dence and self-assuredness. He was not nervous at all. He was having fun with them. He was toying with them. It’s like if you got a cat. You know how you get these little laser point­ers and you have a little kitten or a cat and the cat goes nuts chasing the light? It will run into a wall.

That’s what I was watch­ing here today. It was just… It was fantas­tic, and the Ameri­can people are gonna eat this up. Now, I said yester­day on this program that what I thought Trump could do to recap­ture and regain control of the narra­tive here, if you will — of the agenda — is simply focus on the domes­tic agenda. Just get in gear and very publicly start talking about repeal­ing Obamacare, tax reform, build­ing the wall, immigra­tion reform. All of it. Just go full speed at it, and in the process keep people who voted for him on his side and they won’t care about whatev­er these efforts are that the press is engag­ing in with the intel commu­ni­ty to under­min­ing him.

And make no mistake. And he called this out. He accused Obama of running the shadow govern­ment. He accused Hillary Clinton and George Soros of being the people paying for people to show up and protest things. He held nothing back! He ridiculed Hillary Clinton for being in part of a deal that gave up 20% of our urani­um supply and for having that cheap little red reset button when she became secre­tary of state. And each time he mentions Obama. He mentions… He didn’t say “shadow govern­ment” but he said, “Our opponents are doing what they can.”

He called all of this fake news. He was on spot with all this. You know, it’s hard to say. You get caught up in the moment. But this was one of the most effec­tive press confer­ences I’ve ever seen. The press is gonna hate him even more after this, don’t misun­der­stand. When I say “effec­tive,” I’m talking about rally­ing people who voted for him to stay with him. He made a point (paraphrased), “What chaos? You people are report­ing chaos here. We’re not in chaos! We’re a well-oiled machine. We got one of the smoothest running machi­nes in the histo­ry of machi­nes.

We got one of the best admin­is­tra­tions in the histo­ry of admin­is­tra­tions,” and he rattled off the achieve­ments they’ve had here that the media’s not report­ing ’cause they’re so focused on whether or not Trump worked with Russia to screw Hillary out of the presi­den­cy. He’s reassur­ing his people he’s on top ever and nothing’s changed, and every­thing that he campaigned on he is doing. All he’s doing is fulfill­ing campaign promis­es. And of course the Democ­rats don’t like it, and of course the media doesn’t like it, but it isn’t gonna stop him.

You want to know why yester­day was unlike any Presi­den­tial News Confer­ence ever witnessed in the Modern Era?

It is because Donald J. Trump is not a Profes­sion­al Politi­cian.

He is a Citizen States­man.

He is an Ameri­can Business­man, a self-made billion­aire, who is used to dealing with all kinds of people in the Business World, from high-powered execu­tives like himself to insolent little know-it-alls, who believe themselves to be smarter than he is and are deter­mined to take him down, like the Propa­gan­da Arm of the Democ­ra­t­ic Party known as the Main Stream Media.

Ameri­cans are now living in a time when the Main Stream Media’s blatant propa­gan­da is no longer believed at face value, as the evidence which refutes it is appear­ing in the live videos and photographs being shared on Facebook and other Social Media.

Average Ameri­cans are winning the war again­st the “New Fascism” of the Tyran­ny of the Minor­i­ty by the sharing of infor­ma­tion through Social Media.

All after­noon long on the Social Media, all of the Liber­al Polit­i­cal Pundits, both ‘Profes­sion­al” and self-proclaimed, were lashing out at anything that moves, in a mass hissy fit, resem­bling a Kinder­garten Class that didn’t get their after­noon nap.

Combine Trump’s master­ful perfor­mance at that Presser with his steadi­ly rising (55%) Approval Rating, found at http://RasmussenReports.com, and it turned into a very enjoy­able day for those of us who voted for him out here in America’s Heart­land.

So, why are all of us still walking around with a smile on our faces?

We have an AMERICAN Presi­dent again!

Presi­dent Donald J. Trump is one of US.

Ameri­ca was formed by men seeking FREEDOM. She grew and prospered because of an indomitable will and spirit forged through the Refiner’s Fire, guided by the common-sense words, inscribed in our Consti­tu­tion, and admin­is­tered through a Consti­tu­tion­al Repub­lic. Our nation’s largesse and strength comes through the actions and charac­ter of her citizens, not through the usurpa­tion of power by profes­sion­al politi­cians, who has long since lost touch with their constituen­cy.

Obama’s attempt to “radical­ly change” our nation into a Third World Barrio was met with resis­tance, not because of profes­sion­al politi­cians, but, because of the defiance of the Ameri­can People, who love their country.

It was this Defiant Spirit which caused Ameri­cans to elect Ameri­can Entre­pre­neur and Business­man Donald J. Trump as our 45th Presi­dent.

And, President-elect Trump recog­nizes whom he owes his Presi­den­cy to.…because he possess­es that Defiant Spirit, as well.

On Novem­ber 8th, average Ameri­cans proved that America’s Heritage of God and Country is still alive and well in the hearts and minds of the overwhelm­ing major­i­ty of the citizens in this country, even those who have dropped out of the workforce.

A President’s role, if he wants to be viewed positive­ly as a world leader, is to work to restore Ameri­ca to a position of strength, both both in foreign and domes­tic policy.

Presi­dent Trump under­stands the mandate that he has been given and is already serving Ameri­cans by making deals which will help to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN .

Yester­day, he stood up to those who wish to stop him from fulfill­ing his Campaign Promis­es to the Ameri­can People.

That Press Confer­ence will be spoken of in hushed tones by future gener­a­tions.

It was the day that the Main Stream Media found out what it is like to be held account­able for their actions.

Until He Comes,



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