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Winning Again: Fiat/Chrysler Version to build Jeep Wagoneer in US instead of Mexico – Alibaba next?

In our latest version of Winning Again with Donald Trump, Fiat Chrysler has stated that they would build trucks made in Mexico for the US, here in the US at the Warren Michigan plant. They will build the  Wagoneer line. A plant in Ohio will build another style of vehicle, a truck.

$1 billion in capital will be invested in modernizing plants, and 2,000 jobs will be created.

Fiat Chrysler said Sunday it would spend $1 billion on U.S. manufacturing, including modernizing plants in Michigan and Ohio, in a move that’s set to add 2,000 new jobs, Reuters reported.

According to the company’s plan, the plant in Warren, Michigan will be made capable of producing a pickup truck currently built in Mexico.

The Warren plant will make the new Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer large SUVs. A plant in Toledo, Ohio also will get new equipment to make a new Jeep pickup.

The move by Fiat Chrysler follows a similar recent announcement made by a competing auto brand.

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Once again, we are seeing that a Pro Business and Pro People Administration will create an environment that makes businesses want to operate in the US.

President Elect Donald Trump has not even taken office yet, and businesses are committing to build or expand in the US. Imagine what happens AFTER he takes office and has been a couple of years in office.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are already trying to do everything in their power to stop President Trump from putting his plans for the country in action.

One has to ask, whose side are the Democrats on?  The side of the US?  Or if not, then who?

(Note: The photo of the Jeep Wagoneer above is the 2018 Concept Car.)


Update #1 – Toyota

Toyota will spend $10 billion in capital improvements in the US over next 5 years. Per Reuters:

Toyota Motor North America chief executive Jim Lentz said on Monday the Japanese automaker will spend $10 billion in U.S. capital investments over the next five years, matching its investments over the prior five years.

The automaker has come under fire from President-elect Donald Trump for announcing in 2015 plans to shift production of its Corolla to Mexico from Canada. Lentz said in an interview at the Detroit auto show the decision is not a response to Trump but part of the automaker’s business strategy to invest in the United States, where it has 10 plants in eight states.


UPDATE #2: – Alibaba

Alibaba’s Jack Ma is meeting today (Monday) with President Elect Donald Trump. The subject is about Alibaba creating 1 million new jobs in the US over 5 years.

From CNBC:

Alibaba's Jack Ma arrives at Trump Tower

Alibaba’s Jack Ma arrives at Trump Tower  

Alibaba executive chairman Jack Ma is meeting with U.S. president-elect Donald Trump on Monday to discuss plans to create 1 million new U.S. jobs over the next five years.

The Monday meeting will focus on the Chinese e-commerce company’s U.S. expansion plans, according to spokespeople for both Alibaba and Trump. Ma had planned to be in New York City on Monday and the scheduling worked out for the meeting, a source told CNBC.

The meeting comes amid tensions between China and the incoming Trump administration. Trump has proposed steep tariffs on trade with China, and has incited political controversy over the U.S. relationship with Taiwan.



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