Will This Inauguration Be Historic?

Are we witnessing history being made today?  Will today’s inauguration be written about as a historic event?  Who knows?  That will be left up to someone writing about political milestones years from now, perhaps after I have left this world.  What I do know is that for many it feels historic in a good way and others, well they have a feeling of great dismay.  I’m sure those feelings are little different than the Carters vs. Reagans, Bush vs. Gores or Obama vs. whoever it was that ran against him.  History and historic events are filled with both jubilation and despair.

What today is in simple terms, is a transition of political control of our Nation.  With the departure of President Obama comes the end of 8 years of a President who has attempted to redefine America into a vision that not many Americans shared or desired.  His policies on healthcare, immigration, taxes, education, the environment and almost everything else were not aimed at helping the average working class citizen.  It is almost as if he despised the America that had given him the opportunity to come from a very modest background and become one of the most powerful men in the world.  For those who believe that Obama’s actions were not in the best interest of our future, this is a historic day when the winds of change blow across America with a renewal of American Pride with the relighting of the “beacon on the hill” that past Presidents have talked about and people all around the world have yearned for.

This is not just politics.  You have to take a serious look at the policies of the last eight years to put President Trump’s Inauguration into perspective.  While Obamacare provided insurance for some families, it has been the catalyst for skyrocketing insurance and healthcare costs that proportionally has most affected the middle class and Obamacare is soon to fail.  Open borders with a flood of new cheap labor has kept wages down and at the same time, the wave of illegal immigrants and refugees has dramatically increased the cost of all of the safety net welfare programs.  The bill will come due and it will again be the middle class that bears most of that burden.  Taxes increases even when on the surface are targeted at corporations and the top 10% trickle down in the cost of goods and services and it is the average consumer who is hit hardest.  Attempts through common core and other measures to make our schools and colleges a liberal propaganda indoctrination machine are certainly not aimed at helping our children become more prepared for success in life.  And finally, increased environmental regulations based on questionable science have wasted billions in tax dollars and further hurt the middle class by driving up energy cost, transportation costs, all the while driving corporations and jobs out of America.  How exactly does any of that help middle class America?

Perhaps most importantly is Obama’s pacifists if not negative approach law and order and global leadership.  Domestically he has repeatedly taken the side of the criminal over law enforcement in stark contrast to the message of Martin Luther King Jr.  On the domestic front, the concept of change through peace has seemed completely lost on Obama whose words and actions have led to increased racial tension, anger and violence. Under his weak leadership many inner-city neighborhoods have fallen deeper despair and into lawlessness.  Globally, Obama has kept our Nation at war without a clear vision for victory and without the strength and determination to find an end to any battle much less a war.  As a result, the world is less safe and perhaps more on edge than at any time since the peak of the cold war.  Again there has been nothing to help the middle class or for that matter any class in America.  In many ways the degradation of family, the slow economy and a pacifist stance while trouble grows around the world has left much of the country anxious about a repeat of the first few decades of the last century.

Those problems cannot be entirely placed at the feet of a poor leader.  Congress too has a share of the blame for much of our Nation’s trouble.  A lack of vision and a greed for power and money has often left the citizenry as an afterthought except come election time when the two parties scramble to buy influence and votes with unnecessary and wasteful spending.  Regrettably for the middle class who have kept returning the same people back to Congress for decades, the failed leadership of Congress remains in place.  It’s a tall mountain that the new administration has to climb in order to Make America Great Again.

One thing is clear, for many in my generation and older, this as a day of great hope.  A combination of anxiety and hopelessness for much of the last decade and longer has left us with concern that our children and grandchildren will never have the opportunities that our generation benefited from, nor will they feel the tremendous patriotic pride of waving the Red White and Blue.  Watching the concert at the Lincoln Memorial last night and seeing an older gentleman with tears in his eyes said it all.  With President Trump there is a new energy and a new excitement that may lead to a new dawn in America.  It was not Lincoln, Roosevelt, JFK or Reagan that made America great.  It was their leadership, vision and determination that rallied a Nation to greatness.  We only achieve great things when we join our forces to battle adversity and unite to improve life for even the most vulnerable among us.  It is a clear choice for our liberal friends and the smoldering ash of the Democratic Party.  They can continue to behave like children and boycott events, cry racism, support division and foster mediocrity while waiting for the finale or they can join hands and help shape the future.  One thing is clear, obstruction based on racism, fake news and lies will not make life better for anyone.  But, with or without their cooperation, this just might be a historic day.


Written by TNarch


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