Univision’s Rivals Capitalize in the Wake of a Trump Victory


The tumult in the face of zero access from the Trump team comes as a Los Angeles Times story dropped in the new year which said Univi­sion lost more than 45% of its prime-time audience since 2013, with rival Telemu­ndo making gains among younger viewers.

For its part, Telemu­ndo announced early on its inten­tion to approach the election through a straighter news lens and a network execu­tive said they feel vindi­cat­ed by the decision to say things like they are “without an agenda.”

“Trump’s admin­is­tra­tion could affect our commu­ni­ty enormous­ly and the cover­age of his presi­den­cy could be more impor­tant for our audience than the campaign cover­age itself,” the execu­tive said.

And Telemu­ndo point­ed to its relation­ship with NBC News and MSNBC under Comcast as a plus as well, a fact repeat­ed­ly brought up by Univi­sion employ­ees who have been under the cloud of a long-drawn out IPO process and found out this week that Televisa will be allowed to grow its stake in the compa­ny from 25% to 49% by the FCC. NBCUni­ver­sal is an investor in BuzzFeed.

“Telemu­ndo has Comcast behind it which has much more negoti­at­ing power, my bet is Trump will side with them,” the first Univi­sion talent said.

Jose Parra, a veter­an Democ­ra­t­ic opera­tive who served as a senior advisor for Harry Reid said that Univi­sion should stand strong because at the end of the day any major changes would compro­mise the network’s core values for a short-term gain. He remem­bered a Spanish-language reporter who remarked that “admin­is­tra­tions change but commu­ni­ties remain.”

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