Univision’s Rivals Capitalize in the Wake of a Trump Victory


The tumult in the face of zero access from the Trump team comes as a Los Angeles Times story dropped in the new year which said Univision lost more than 45% of its prime-time audience since 2013, with rival Telemundo making gains among younger viewers.

For its part, Telemundo announced early on its intention to approach the election through a straighter news lens and a network executive said they feel vindicated by the decision to say things like they are “without an agenda.”

“Trump’s administration could affect our community enormously and the coverage of his presidency could be more important for our audience than the campaign coverage itself,” the executive said.

And Telemundo pointed to its relationship with NBC News and MSNBC under Comcast as a plus as well, a fact repeatedly brought up by Univision employees who have been under the cloud of a long-drawn out IPO process and found out this week that Televisa will be allowed to grow its stake in the company from 25% to 49% by the FCC. NBCUniversal is an investor in BuzzFeed.

“Telemundo has Comcast behind it which has much more negotiating power, my bet is Trump will side with them,” the first Univision talent said.

Jose Parra, a veteran Democratic operative who served as a senior advisor for Harry Reid said that Univision should stand strong because at the end of the day any major changes would compromise the network’s core values for a short-term gain. He remembered a Spanish-language reporter who remarked that “administrations change but communities remain.”

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